Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Binzento's Journal: Shooting Portraits With Garmann L

Binzento's Journal: Shooting Portraits With Garmann L
(photos by: Paul Lee)
I've always like styling/ shooting portraits. People, fascinate me. I think we are all beautiful in some way in that we are all different - We are composed by a unique set of genetic makeup. Even if you have an identical twin, the way you think, feel and interact, and your emotions shape the way you look depending on your surroundings and environmental cues. That is one of the reasons why I began my column "Real People w/ Real Styles" on my blog (which by the way will resume it's new edition very soon), where I profile individuals that I found interesting and display a unique sense of personal style.

First of all, I like to congratulate one of my partners in Vinegar Designs Lab - Garmann L who has been recently signed by Mode Models International. It's no surprise that the team would take the opportunity to shoot profile shots of her.

We spent an evening after our weekly team meeting setting up in our studio. After a couple shots of liquor celebrating our success achieving contracts in new projects - We were ready to go. Radiating elegance without demolishing the effortless beauty of Garmann L, I've kept her look clean and natural (simple white shirt and hair down). Diversifying her character, I've added layers of smokey eyes, wet slick back hair and a large pea coat to add masculinity, opposing her feminine personality.

Full credits
Photography by: Paul M. Lee
Styling by: Binzento
Graphic Design by: Jack Lee
Behind the scene snap shot: Binzento w/ iPhone5S
Vinegar Designs Lab 


Behind The Scene

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