Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Un Flic" - A 70's French Classic Brings About Graphic Tees: DIRTY MONEY

DIRTY MONEY – Graphic Tee Transpired From 70’s French Film

Creative Direction by: Binzento
Photography by: Paul Lee
Videography by: Jack Lee
Styled by: Odessa Bennett
Hair by: Michelle Lazo
Make-up by: Mallory MaGowan
Models: Robert Sainsbury, Spencer Badu, Carmen Lee
Additional pieces: Dahlia Drive

New York based Nathaniel S. collaborated with Japanese designer LKK Hara created a series of street wear for both women and men. The first collection: DIRTY MONEY is inspired by director Jean-Pierre Melville’s 70’s French film “Un Flic” (direct translation: “A Cop”; film was also known as “Dirty Money” hence the name of the label). Street wear collection which includes tees and shorts, contain bold graphics merging modern art and hip hop elements.
Binzento is thrilled to be invited first hand to shoot a creative with these pieces. The 1970’s brought a whole new era of experimenting exploitation and vigorous adventure genres in cinemas. The idea behind this creative was to combine many elements found in 70’s films. In addition to DIRTY MONEY’s 70’s French gangster smash, I was also inspired by my favorite Bruce Lee martial arts scenes and the explosion of Japanese cult classics of the same era, blended all in one. It’s a violent cultural clash, but within it there is a soft sense of agreement.
Additional amazing piece on Carmen Lee, was a multifold-wide legged trouser made with recycled curtain, all hand painted and hand crafted by Canadian artist Wendy Van Riesen (Dahlia Drive).

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