Monday, October 28, 2013

Sabotage, Translation of Anti-materialism Onto Graphic Tees

Sabotage x Binzento

Creative Direction by: Binzento
Photography by: Paul Lee
Videography by: Jack Lee
Styled by: Odessa Bennett
Hair by: Michelle Lazo
Make-up by: Mallory MaGowan
Models: Carmen LeeAnneke ForbesGabriel Moodey, and Binzento
Sabotage: A French Movement With A Hint of 90's
A Creative Editorial In Line With Gar&Mann:L Blog

Recently a group of French artists and designers have concept a new movement in hope to antagonize heavy consumerism and the materialistic culture they see in today’s society. The group, which they named “Sabotage”, aims to perform a sarcastic act to attract awareness and to deliver their messages to people by placing “Sabotage” tapes across the renown luxury brand labels.

This concept attracted a collaboration of apparel label SYMBOLISM with Sabotage to release a collection of ‘banned logo’ graphic tees. Each familiar logo is decorated in delicate floral pattern. The ‘strike’ across each brand name carries a simple, yet reflective message. Launching a FB page, the team began to encourage their fans to post and share their anti-materialism moment (whether if it’s wearing the Sabotage tee or taking a photo of luxury objects with a Sabotage tape) on it.
Binzento was invited to showcase the new Sabotage graphic tees. When I was first approach, I wanted to fit with Sabotage’s theme by avoiding commercialized products. Instead, I decided to mix-and-match with vintage pieces of the 90’s as well as incorporating pieces by independent Canadian designers. 

My experience of the 90’s as a teen, having to move from Asia to North America, was heavily influenced by ideas of the age of rebellion and anti-conformism, as well as the influence of people, movies and music pop-culture. Hence, focusing on that perspective in my new creative editorial for Sabotage, setting different worlds (Carmen Lee and I (90’s in Hong Kong), and Anneke Forbes and Gabriel Moody (hipsters 90’s couple of New York)). This era was about the human connection, young love, and perhaps finding roots to become someone in the future and lesser on luxury materials, self branding, social media, and of course, no iPhones. I have to admit, I did miss the simpler life.

Sincere thanks to Sabotage in France and personnels in Hong Kong for thinking of

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