Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Platform 6 x Adidas x Artists x Celebrities = Stonewall Charity

Artists And Celebrities Join Forces To Create One Of A Kind Adidas Sneakers Art For LGB Charity
(Sneakers photos source: Platform Six)
By: Boy George

Non-profit art organization Platform Six is hosting its very first art exhibition and charity auction. Working together with ten different artists including: (Boy George, Carl Hopgood, DnA Factory, James Tailor, Judy Blame, Layla Lyons, Lewis Burton, Rolina Blok, Victor Ivanov, William Baker and the Chapman Brothers) and seven celebrity icons including: (Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Sharleen Spiteri, Kylie Minogue and Ryan Callanan), they have created a total of 17 unique pieces of 'fashion art' for auction. Each participant was given a pair of Adidas Platform Six white sneakers as canvas to work creatively on. The auction has begun on September 4th, and will end on September 14th. The money will go to the Stonewall Charity, a Lesbian, Gay and Bi-sexual equality charity organization. My favorite pieces? It has got to Moss' light-up sneakers, Campbell's Mary and Jesus portraits kicks, and Ivanov's pig heads as feet. There are still 3 days left to the auction - so if you would like to own these 'once-in-your-life-time, one-of-a-kind' piece, click here and do your bidding to support Stonewall!
By: Carl Hopgood

 By: Chapman Brothers

 By: DnA Factory

 By: James Tailor

 By: Judy Blame

 By: Kylie Minogue

 By: Kate Moss

 By: Layla Lyons

 By: Lewis Burton

 By: Naomi Campbell

 By: Rolina Blok

 By: Ryan Callanan

 By: Sharleen Spiteri

 By: Sir Elton John

 By: Victor Ivanov

By: William Baker

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