Monday, March 25, 2013

PARKshow 2013

PARKshow 2013 Celebrates PARK's 5th Year Anniversary - An Elevated Experience Of Calgary's Fashion
(Photos by: Binzento)
Binzento Vincente was one of the sponsors for PARK's PARKshow 2013 this season, which was a night of fashion event showcasing some of the most talented up-and-coming and aspiring local fashion designers. PARKshow 2013 which happend last night at the Aerospace Museum YYC was a huge success, thanks to the hardwork of the PARK team and supporters. They've certainly pulled off one of the best shows in Calgary so far. 

The vintage air terminal theme this season, with added extra components such as the "interactive fashion presentation", learning the history of aviation in the museum, and being a part to celebrate PARK's 5th year anniversary have elevated my overall impression and experience of PARKshow - now "Ready to board":

The night was divided into three parts: (1) Departure (Wearable Art Interactive Presentation) by Apiana Que, Chantel Traub, NRT Fashions (2) Connection (Runway Show 1) by Alex Folzi, Kelly Madden, Of a Feather, Serendipity (3) Connection (Runway Show 2) by Bano eeMee, Emogene Couture, SUKA Clothing, Nicole Campre. I was actually glad that they did segregated the shows + adding an interactive showcase for the audience. Based on my last PARKshow experience from previous year, the high number of designer participation really diluted the focus of each showcase, and I had a few moments where I *yawned* with boredom and confusion. PARK really had addressed this problem this year by shortening the time frame between each designer (without any technical difficulties :)) and allowed guests/media to go up close to view designer's work during Wearable Art Presentation was a nice touch to keep people engaged.
My favourite presentations of the night were Chantel Traub's textile designs, Bano eeMee's new leather line, and Emogene Couture's mixed matrial elegant wear. All three of them displayed new line concepts that were more refined and refreshing than their previous, while maintain their essence in styles. I was very happy to see many unfamilier faces at the show. It proves that PARK has grown into something large enough to potentially be called Calgary's very own fashion festival. While I was sitting beside Brett Wilson at the show, it also shows that PARK - an idea started by a small group of passionate individuals that wish to promote local art and fashion five years ago, has now become a citywide movement full of supporters who share the same dream with them. So with all the positive reviews and a community of supporters now have your back, as well as outdone yourself with a nearly-perfect execution of a runway show this season, my question to PARK is "Will you be able to live up to the same success and expectation for your next show PARKluxe?" :) - (I'm sure you can).

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