Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give me that "UGLY Christmas Sweater" - Cat's Eye Vintage

Taking my break away from all the serious fashion for a moment, I am writing a somewhat fun blog entry tonight. :)
One more month until one of the most celebrated days of the year: Christmas, or some people like to call it: "The Holiday". Now is the time to start think about decorating your home, sending a few Christmas cards if you have love ones overseas or buying holiday gifts for people. Christmas events are already up in the air, and I will be going to a bunch of them next week. 
I was browsing (not creeping) some of my friends' FB the other day and saw a bunch of their "UGLY Christmas Sweater" theme party photos. I was soooooo jealous. I've never EVER been invited to an UGLY Christmas Sweater party before and this is certainly not a thing in Hong Kong. It just seems so refreshing to me and so much fun!! Then I thought, maybe I should host my own UGLY Christmas Sweater party instead. Immediately I went to my closet, digging for an ugly sweater. Result: NONE (maybe a good thing). In fact, I don't even own a whole lot of sweaters. 
Mr. Cat at The Cat's Eye Vintage & More

Great idea from my Calgary Fashion pals: Go check out at the "Cat's Eye Vintage & More…They have soooooo many"…and so I did…tonight :). As soon as I walked in, owner Catherine Tkach gave me a warm hug (I feel the Christmas spirit already). My eyes sparkled when I walked into the store: UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS all decorated by Catherine. Indeed there were so many selections to choose from, all very colourful, all very ugly. After a good 20 minutes expedition searching for THE ugly Christmas sweater, I actually began to appreciate them. Seeing them is just heart-warmingIt gives you that joyful cheery feeling
Aside from that, Cat's Eye got some cool vintage stuff, and also very fashionable. Vintage fur coats, top hats, scarfspins, shoes…you name it, they probably got them. One of her sons Cody Tkach is a graffiti artist currently in Vancouver, he is now in town this weekend to customize vintage goods with his graffiti artwork. He also told me that his work was recently shot in one of the films Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie are in.
Graffiti Artist: Cody Tkach and some of his work.
Binzento Vincente

This year, I am pushing everyone to get their ugly Christmas sweater, because if I go UGLY, so should you. :) Be sure to find Cat's Eye Vintage this Saturday 12:00pm at Jumbo Boogie event located at Broken City downtown YYC :)
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