Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fabricated Fashion Show

The highly anticipated Fabricated Fashion Show happened Thursday night at Theatre Junction, YYC Calgary. This sold out show was definitely one of the most talked-about fashion event this month. The venue was completely packed with some of the most important people in the local fashion industry. I was excited to see my old friends, and also met new ones as well.
On me: Top: Issey Miyake; Braided-Wig Necklace: Martin Margiela
I arrived at the venue with my friend Stephanie. She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing a necklace piece by Anne b. Accessories.

The night showcased current collections from a total of six boutiques/designers:
1. Mealan Boutique: I was quite pleased to see some eclectic colours at the opening show by Mealan. The use of bright primary colours such as red and yellow welcomes autumn with a smile. PS: I loved the hair and make-up on these models. 
2. Ga.Za.Ba Milano: As the name implied, this boutique carried Italian-styled fashion specifically for menswear. Got lots of 80's shoulder pad blazers and studded jackets. Bad boys Italian.
3. Empire Collection: A very safe and mainstream collection was shown, and it's not exactly my taste. This was not one of the best selections of Empire Collection. Their website however, has more interesting designs.
4. Chantel Traub: At this point of the show, I was finally relieved to see some spring/summer fashion (it was suppose to be S/S 2012 afterall), especially by independent designers. Chantel Traub hand painted and silkscreened her own fabrics to create unique designs. I liked how it had a softer-tone with these clothing, which could complement well with the spring vibe. I especially recommend the long blue dress in  her finale; very elegant.
5. Chi Chi Couture: I like Chi Chi Couture, not particular their fashion, but I admired the fact that they really stick to their vision as a brand. I'd been to several Chi Chi Couture shows and found good consistency. Holly Allen always provide some of the most creative and unique accessory pieces, which made Chi Chi Couture distinct from other labels/boutiques. I also liked in this collection Chi Chi lived up to being "She She" :)
6. N.R.T. Fashions: The fashion show ended with Nicole Rita Tomney's N.R.T. Fashions. She was one of the reasons why I came to Fabricated. Avant garde styles persisted in this collection. N.R.T. Fashions also added a very dark-tone street-punk flare. The finale piece (the roses dress) left behind the most memorable moment of the night.

The Fabulous People at Fabricated:
I would have to bluntly say that I <3 the people and guests at the event more than the actual fashion show. Fabricated wasn't exactly what I expected, mainly because of the fashion pieces on the runway weren't exactly next season's. However, organizing an event like this is never easy and I truly think that "The Fabricated Team" really brought us a great party. I like to sincerely thank you Fabricated for your hard work and invitation to be part of this fun night. I love you guys so Please keep it up!!

Binzento Vincente is currently on various projects hoping to expand the blog and bring viewers more interesting topics. I will be creating new pages and tabs to increase the visual aspects of this blog.

Finally, upcoming blogs will be featuring topics on New York Fashion Week. My correspondent KO on her assignment will bring us some of the latest experience on her trip to New York via Binzento Vincente!! so stay tune :)

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