Friday, September 23, 2011

Calgary International Film Festival 2011 Begins/ Understudy Menswear Boutique Grand Opening

Stories on this blog entry:
1) Calgary International Film Festival Red Carpet
2) Understudy: Mens Street Wear Boutique Grand Opening

1) 2011 Calgary International Film Festival Opening Gala
Tonight was the opening red carpet gala event for the 2011 Calgary International Film Festival. This year's festival will begin on September 23rd to October 2nd, showcasing over 100 film selections from around the world.

Binzento Vincente at Calgary International Film Festival Opening Gala with CIFF staffs including Jason Krell and Sarah Geddes

2011 opening gala screening, Donovan's Echo, produced by Trent Carlson/Andria Spring and written by Jim Cliffe/Melodie Krieger was their first world premiere. The story is about the remnants of Dovonan Glover's (played by Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon)) haunting tragic past is seemingly coming to a full circle and repeating itself in the present time. It is about realization and forgiveness. Other casts include Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) and Sonja Bennett (Rise of the Apes). For the full review of the movie, Binzento Vincente correspondent KO will be posting it in her blog: Remember to check out her blog film critique blog soon! 
This year's opening gala turn-out was no doubt way better than last year's. Although YYC (Calgary) isn't exactly known to be a film festival hub like big Canadian city Toronto (Toronto International Film Festival), this community has grown tremendously over last few years. Locals are becoming more opened and aware of social/entertainment events such as this one.
Breakfast Television: Tara Slone; CIFF Executive Director: Jacqueline Dupuis; Breakfast Television: Ted Henley

I interviewed Minister of Culture and Community Spirit Honourable Lindsay Blackett and one of the lead actors in Donovan's Echo Bruce Greenwood for my network Fairchild Television. Minister Lindsay Blackett has been a great supporter of YYC's film industry. YYC is really fortunate to have him to promote art and culture, which are seriously lacking in this city. 
Actor: Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood said this is his second time visiting Calgary, the first was during his time shooting the movie Star Trek. 
Long time high school mates

Of course, invited guests fancied themselves at the opening gala and on red carpet. I saw many familiar faces and many of my good friends. I even saw couple old high school classmates…funny (not to expose my age) this is the first time I'd seen them in decade
On me tonight: Shirt: Dsquared2; Tie: Paul Smith; Pants: Club Monaco; Shoes: Zara; Watch: Dolce & Gabbana

Again, film festival will run until October 3rd, for those who are interested or for movie listing/showtimes, please visit 

2) Menswear boutique store Understudy grand-opening
…so shortly after the opening gala, I flew (not literally) to the grand opening event of menswear boutique Understudy. If readers recalled, I did a blog entry on boutique Gallery on 1st Street previously and mentioned that they were undergoing renovation. Well, Understudy is the finished "product" from the original Gallery on 1st. 
Similar to the old Gallery, Understudy focus on carrying street wear but specifically, for men. The store is shifting its target on pursuing more preppy street-style looks. Menswear-only boutique is not something you can find "with your eyes closed" in YYC. Even if there is one, most of the designer labels are conventional and not quite Binzento Vincente (my) style. 
Owners: Aaron Ellard, Reid Pollock, and Liam Rodgers knows that this city needs menswear boutiques, and there is a market for it. Some of the store items they carried include international labels: A.P.C., YMC, Norse Projects, Lifetime Collective, and also assortment of fashion magazines and accessories. Price wise, they are all very reasonable and affordable. 
I did find a few things I really like. I suggest guys who are serious about looking for unique street fashion should check out this store.
Understudy Menswear Boutique: 1312 First Street S.W. 

Finally, I always like to acknowledge my readers and words cannot describe how thankful I am for all of your support. There are few exciting things coming up on Binzento Vincente. One of them is there will be 5 new international correspondents from New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Fujian and San Francisco participating this blog irregularly. They are all my fav. fashionista. New projects are on the way in the next few months! :)

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