Friday, July 1, 2011

John Fluevog - Grand Opening in Cgy

John Fluevog, the Vancouver-based Canadian shoe designer and label, is not a stranger among most shoes obsessed fans. It is a dream-come-true to Calgarians who appreciates quality footwear, because in just a few more hours, the first John Fluevog store in Alberta will be opened. This is exciting because Fluevog shoes are well known internationally and have been acknowledged by many celebrities.
Located in Fashion Central on Stephen's Avenue, John Fluevog occupies in a beautiful three-levels space, where each floor will contain something special to their audience. It was a pleasure to be invited to preview John Fluevog fall collection as well as to have an opportunity to get the "first-look" of this spectacular store. Adrian Fluevog, the son of John Fluevog mentioned that the first (basement) floor of the store will be provided for artists to exhibit artwork. While the main floor consists the shoes collection, the third floor will be utilized for a potential Fluevog "museum", which may showcase some of the most important Fluevog archives. Fluevog produces both men's and women's footwear, and many of the designs revealed an art-deco flavour.
Homme wear
Fluevog men's fall collection

I particularly liked this men's fall collection. The leather shoe laces which wraps around the shoe itself displayed a modernized and edgy look while retaining the classic Fluevog styles.
Femme wear
Women's fall collection; some of the shoes are currently exclusive in Calgary store only.

No doubt that women will love these shoes. Again, unique designs yet the signature style (such as the wide square heels) were maintained.
Fluevog signatures

What was intriguing to me and something that I learned from Adrian today was that there is a story behind every pair of shoe designs. You will noticed that on some of the shoe's bottom, there is a line or a phrase that characterizes a specific theme of the design.
Fluevog bags

Over the years, Fluevogs have also expanded their line into bags and accessories. I am confident to say that Fluevog is definitely a new gem in Calgary. With the emerging demands for new styles and Calgarians began to "break out" of their comfort zone in fashion, I see Fluevog a success in this city.
Left to right: me and Stephen (Fluevog); me and Stephen (Fluevog) and Adrian Fluevog; Fluevog FAB employees: Shay, Idaho, Alicia, Wendy & Aaron; Avenue Magazine Vanessa

I like to thank Stephen (Fluevog) and Adrian Fluevog for the invitation. It was a pleasure to meet both of them. For more info about John Fluevog products, visit their official website (Click here), or follow them on Twitter @Fluevog.

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  1. Too bad wasn't able to go but nice to see these photos! Will def check out his store soon x