An archive of creative projects artists and designers have collaborated with Binzento

Jennifer Sutherland for Binzento
Title: Doll Sculptress/ Painter
Location: Yucaipa, U.S.A.
Jennifer Sutherland's work

About Jennifer Sutherland: "Artist, sculptress, doll maker. Specializing in Miniature fantasy sculptures and One of a Kind Ball Jointed dolls created in polymer clay."
Jennifer Sutherland, featured in FDQ

Jennifer Sutherland recreated Edward Cullen from Twilight for Binzento

Inspiration: Binzento discovered Jennifer Sutherland's work from a feature about her in FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) Magazine, when the Twilight series were at its peak hype. Inspired by Twilight pop culture at the time, Jennifer Sutherland agreed to create a Edward Cullen doll for Binzento. Her sculptures/ doll repaints are items famously known to be highly sought after on eBay, which can fetch up to thousands of dollars in bidding wars.

photo credits: Alex's Attic
Jennifer Sutherland official page:

Katrina Olson for Binzento
Title: Mixed Media Artist
Location: Calgary, Canada
Katrina Olson

About Katrina Olson: "Katrina Olson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1982.  She studied Art at the University of Calgary. She received a B.F.A. from the University of Calgary in 2004. Ms. Olson lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Ms. Olson has exhibited in various places in North America and is in numerous private collections in London, Miami, Chicago, Vancouver and Calgary. 

Ms. Olson is known most for her vibrant figurative work, with acrylic paints and various mixed mediums. 

Ms. Olson is on the Board of the Art City Festival in Calgary and is the vice president on the board of Art Point Galleries and Studios." 
Portraits by Katrina Olson for Binzento

Inspiration: Using the photography by Kristin Whiteley, photos were mapped in the blend of vibrant colours and bold designs. Combinations of Binzento's current fashion likes and Katrina Olson's skills as a mixed media artist were taken to create visually captive portraits that describe each of their character. The element of "films" was meant to be incorporated in these portraits to describe Katrina's extended knowledge as an artist to film making.
Portraits for Binzento

Katrina Olson holding a sign for Binzento Vincente

Joshua David McKenney for Binzento

Title: Illustrator
Location: New York, U.S.A
on left: Joshua David McKenney

About Joshua David McKenney: "J. David McKenney is all about glamour. Once upon a time in the early 1990’s, in a sleepy Pennsylvania suburb, a fateful encounter with an issue of Harper’s Bazaar left a teenage McKenney mesmerized by elegant images of couture fantasy. Inspired, McKenney’s burgeoning talent for illustration turned to high concept gilding of the feminine form. Following dreams of life in the Big City, McKenney hightailed it to Manhattan, where he attended the New School’s acclaimed Parson’s School for Design. 

Soon McKenney’s outstanding eye for beauty and knack for girly pop iconography landed him a coveted commission designing T-shirt graphics and fabric prints for superstar design team Heatherette. Press attention led to further commercial and fashion illustration commissions, including three marketing campaigns for Mariah Carey’s Elizabeth Arden fragrances. Ms. Carey even commissioned McKenney to create her personal holiday and birthday cards. Additionally, McKenney has worked with Harper Collins, Penguin Group, Saatchi Group, Scholastic Books, Elle Girl, Seventeen Magazine, Girl’s Life, Innovative Kids, Mattel, MAC cosmetics, and Nylon Magazine." -J. David McKenney
Inspiration: Binzento's idea of crossing over ninja x vampire x manga style (things he love); Snap shot by correspondent KO. Joshua David McKenney's interpretation of Binzento using his style of illustration. I heart it. To me, it's PERFECTO!
Early sketch work by Joshua David McKenney

Finished illustration by Joshua David McKenney; photo taken in New York, USA

Andrew Yang (Kouklita) for Binzento

Title: Doll Fashionista/ Designer/ Creator of the Kouklita
Location: New York, Paris/ U.S.A, France
Andrew Yang & his Kouklitas

About Andrew Yang: "The Kouklitas are a line of 27” fashion rag dolls conceived by New York City based artist and illustrator Andrew Yang. The name originates from the Greek word for doll, koukla. Each doll is cut from a pattern, sewn into muslin, and meticulously stuffed and attached by hand. The faces are all hand painted, and the dresses are created using luxurious fabrics and couture sewing methods. 
Andrew spent his childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he grew up around his mother’s collection of Madame Alexander dolls and eventually acquired his own collection of high-end fashion dolls. His hobby was put on hold when he moved to New York to pursue fashion, an industry he worked in as an assistant designer for several years. Longing for another creative outlet, Andrew created his first doll from scraps of muslin in the summer of 2008. 
The Kouklitas are currently available in Barneys New York stores across America,, and Joyce Boutique Hong Kong. His work as been featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE, The New York Times, Doll Reader, DOLLS Magazine, and international publications of Elle, Marie Claire, and Harpers Bazaar." -The Kouklitas 
Finished Martin Margiela Kouklita for Binzento

Inspiration: Binzento's love of innovative fashion designer Martin Margiela and his S/S 09 collection which consisted the famous "wig coat" piece. Andrew Yang's experience in fashion design allowed him to make this Kouklita doll size replica. Truly inspiring and in love of Andrew Yang's talent. Kouklitas are currently being exhibited in Paris, France.
Martin Margiela Kouklita concept sketch for Binzento by Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang in Barneys New York
photo source:

left: Joshua David McKenney; right: Andrew Yang holding a sign for Binzento Vincente in Paris!! :)
Thanks guys!! xx

D.W for Binzento

Title: Fashion Designer
Location: Calgary, Canada

on left: D.W (Daryl White) 
photo by: Chuck Szmurlo

About D.W: "Creation of original and unique, one of a kind garments from recycled fabrics, clothing and reclaimed materials. 

D.W’s pop culture influences are reflected in the original garments, where attention to detail, and interesting use of colour and texture combine together to create the unique D.W look" -D.W
photo by: alecs + mills

Inspiration: Idea came after seeing D.W AFW 2011 Collection; Combining the skillful denim work of D.W designer Daryl White and retro 80's studded biker style. One of Binzento's favourite cult movie of the 80's: "Class of 1984". This piece was shown off during a Binzento Chicago visit, as well as Vancouver Fashion Week by Daryl White.
Binzento in D.W

D.W in Vancouver Fashion Week

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