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OpenTable 2018 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out, According to OpenTable Diners
Toronto and Montreal Claim Highest Number of Restaurants with Bustling Bar Scenes,
Entertainment and Ambience

It’s been a long winter. Now that spring is here, Canadians are preparing to pack away the winter boots and step back into the nightlife. To guide them to the latest buzzing spots for a night out, OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations and part of Bookings Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKNG), has announced the 100 Best Restaurants in Canada for a Big Night Out. These awards reflect the combined opinions of more than 550,000 restaurant reviews submitted by verified OpenTable diners for more than 2,500 restaurants in Canada.

With restaurants from 19 cities across nine provinces, the list has options for Canadians from coast to coast. Ontario is the province with the highest number of restaurants for a Big Night Out included (42). Of those establishments, 30 are located in Toronto, which is the most-featured city on the list. Quebec has the second-highest number of restaurants with 23 establishments, followed by Alberta with 16, British Columbia with eight and Manitoba and Nova Scotia each have three. Rounding out the list are restaurants from Saskatchewan and Newfoundland with two restaurants each while New Brunswick has one establishment featured.

“This list has everything from buzzy hot spots to hidden gems,” said Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer, OpenTable. “Whether Canadians are looking for the newest restaurant in town or the latest place to see and be seen, there is something to satisfy anyone looking for a Big Night Out."

Featured on the list are popular picks for dining with out-of-town friends, such as restaurants with panoramic city views like Portus 360 in Montreal; neighbourhood highlights where locals go for a date night, such as La Bananein Toronto; and newcomers, such as Nightingale in Vancouver, which have caught the attention of foodies in just a few short years. In total, the list features nine new buzzing restaurants that opened in 2017.

Cozy comfort foods, tapas and fusion foods were among the 44 different cuisines included, but Canadian, seafood, Italian, international and French were the most popular cuisines.

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out is generated solely from more than 550,000 restaurant reviews collected from verified OpenTable diners between February 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018. All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration. Qualifying restaurants were then scored and sorted according to the percentage of reviews for which “hot spot” was selected as a special feature.

Based on this methodology, the 100 Best Restaurants in Canada for a Big Night Out according to OpenTable diners are as follows (in alphabetical order):
ANEJO Restaurant – Calgary, AB
ANJU – Calgary, AB
Ayden Kitchen & Bar – Saskatoon, SK
Bar Laurel – Ottawa, ON
Baro – Toronto, ON
Barsa Taberna – Toronto, ON
Berkeley North – Hamilton, ON
BEVO Bar + Pizzeria – Montreal, QC
BIERA - Ritchie Market – Edmonton, AB
Blue Water Cafe – Vancouver, BC
BlueBlood Steakhouse – Toronto, ON
Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse – Niagara Falls, ON
Brasserie 701 – Montreal, QC
Brasserie T! – Montreal, QC
Bridgette Bar – Calgary, AB
Bundok – Edmonton, AB
Byblos – Toronto, ON
The Carbon Bar – Toronto, ON
Carnaval Brazilian BBQ – Winnipeg, ON
Cibo Wine Bar King St West – Toronto, ON
CLEAVER – Calgary, AB
DaiLo – Toronto, ON
Damas – Montreal, QC
Deville Dinerbar – Montreal, QC
Drake Devonshire Inn – Wellington, ON
Drake Hotel – Toronto, ON
Drake One Fifty – Toronto, ON
e11even – Toronto, ON
El Caballito Tequila Bar – Toronto, ON
El Catrin – Toronto, ON
Elbow Room – Calgary, AB
Europea – Montreal, QC
Fairouz – Ottawa, ON
Fauna – Ottawa, ON
Fayuca – Vancouver, BC
The Fifth Ticket – St. John’s, NF
The Five Fishermen – Halifax, NS
Foreign Concept – Calgary, AB
Foxy – Montreal, QC
Fring's – Toronto, ON
Grey Gardens – Toronto, ON
Harpers Landing – Oakville, ON
Hoogan & Beaufort – Montreal, QC
Italian by Night – Saint John, NB
Kasa Moto – Toronto, ON
Kyo Bar Japonais – Montreal, QC
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon – Montreal, QC
La Banane – Toronto, ON
La Carnita – Toronto, ON
LaurieRaphael – Quebec, QC
Le Filet – Montreal, QC
Le Serpent – Montreal, QC
Lee – Toronto, ON
Lisa Marie – Toronto, ON
Lov de la Montagne – Montreal, QC
Lov McGill– Montreal, QC
Maggie Oakes – Montreal, QC
Mamakas Taverna – Toronto, ON
Mangiafoco – Montreal, QC
The Merchant Kitchen – Winnipeg, MB
The Merchant Tavern – St. John’s, NF
Modavie – Montreal, QC
Model Milk – Calgary, AB
The Nash – Calgary, AB
Nightingale – Vancouver, BC
Notkins – Montreal, QC
ONE Restaurant – Toronto, ON
Osteria Savio Volpe – Vancouver, BC
Patria – Toronto, ON
Piano Piano – Toronto, ON
Pigeonhole – Calgary, AB
Pizzeria Gusto – Winnipeg, MB
Planta – Toronto, ON
Portus 360 – Montreal, QC
R&D Restaurant – Toronto, ON
Real Sports Bar and Grill – Toronto, ON
Restaurant Toque! – Montreal, QC
Riviera – Ottawa, ON
Rodney's Oyster House – Calgary, AB
Sabor Restaurant – Edmonton, AB
Sticks and Stones – Saskatoon, SK
STK – Toronto, ON
Studio East – Halifax, NS
Tapeo – Mississauga, ON
Take Five Bistro – Windsor, ON
Ten Foot Henry – Calgary, AB
The Stubborn Goat Gastropub – Halifax, NS
Union Social Eatery – Mississauga, ON
Washington Avenue Grill – White Rock, BC
West Oak Restaurant – Vancouver, BC
Wienstein & Gavino's – Montreal, QC
Woodwork – Edmonton, AB

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Innovative ‘Electronic-Textiles’: Wearable Polymer Piezoelectric Sensors For Fashionable Clothing

Kansai University Research: 
Innovative ‘electronic-textiles’: Wearable polymer piezoelectric sensors show promise for integration with traditional Japanese Kimono and other fashion clothing
Source: International Liaison Group, Kansai University, Japan.

Yoshiro Tajitsu of Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, and Teijin Limited, Japan, have developed innovative wearable piezoelectric PLLA braided cord sensors. This technology can be used as wearable sensors in the fields of fashion, sports apparel, interior design, and healthcare, areas for which conventional wearable sensing devices cannot be used. 
Touch panel displays are ubiquitous. It is difficult to imagine using smartphones, personal computers, digital watches, and other modern electronic devices without this form of human-device interface. However, despite the proliferation of touch panel devices there is increasing research on the next generation of ‘man-machine’ devices, which could be worn like clothes, so called ‘wearable sensors’. 
Now, in an innovative approach, Yoshiro Tajitsu of Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, and Teijin Limited, Japan, have developed the world’s first wearable piezoelectric fabrics consisting of a conducting carbon fiber yarn core; piezoelectric polyctric poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) fiber yarn and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) middle sheath; and conducting carbon fiber outer shield (Fig.1).

Fig. 1 Piezoelectric PLLA braided cord sensor

The piezoelectric PLLA braided cords produce electrical signals in response to almost any type of three-dimensional motion, including bending and twisting. Importantly, these coaxial cable type fabrics are woven into piezoelectric braided cords for electromagnetic shielding and high sensitivity, so they will not respond to environmental noise from cells phones and other such electromagnetic interference.  
“Our research is aimed at developing functional apparel, sometimes referred to as ‘e-textiles’,” says Tajitsu. “We believe that wearable human-machine devices will enable people to interface with external devices naturally, without being limited or hindered by having to perform complicated movements, such as focusing on a display panel to rely instructions. Also, ‘e-textiles’ must be comfortable and fashionable for wide spread acceptance. These ideas led to the development of our wearable sensors shaped like traditional Japanese braided cord or Kumihimo used in Kimono.”

Fig.2. Taking a selfie with ‘e-textiles’: Traditional Japanese Kimono.

Applications of piezoelectric PLLA braided cords
Professor Tajitsu and colleagues weaved three types of traditional Japanese decorative knots (Kame, Kicchyo, and Awaji) used as part of traditional Kimono’s worn by women (Fig.2) with PLLA braided cords. “We analyzed the magnitude of electrical signals that we could expect for each of these three knots,” explains Tajitsu. “Our finite element calculation showed that he largest signal would be produced by the Kame and Kicchyo knots, and that the response from the Awaji know would be very small. So we use the Kame and Kicchyo knots for potential applications.” 
One of the unique wearable applications is for Japanese Kimono’s (Fig.2), for example to trigger a smart phone to take a selfie. “We are working with fashion designers in France and Italy of the design of clothes made with our PLLA braided cords,” says Tajistu. “We are looking into possibilities for traditional Japanese clothing like women’s Kimono with partners in Japan.”  The piezoelectric PLLA braided cord can be used as wearable sensors, mainly in the fields of fashion, sports apparel, interior design, and healthcare, by utilizing its fashionability and wearability, which cannot be achieved using conventional wearable sensing devices (Fig.3).

Fig.3. Fashionable sensors fabricated using piezoelectric PLLA braided cord.

Healthcare and monitoring the motion of people are other potential applications of the PLLA braided cords. For example, Tajistu and coworkers have fabricated decorative necklaces with Kame and Kicchyo knots, which were successfully used to monitor the pulse rate due to pressure sensing of the carotid arteries on each side of the neck. Notably, the pulse signal was not affected by movements of the head or other parts of the body (Fig.4). “The subject does not feel any discomfort with the necklace, so it is a very useful portable device for monitoring healthcare,” says Tajitsu. “In our experiments we transmitted the signals to smartphones by Wi-Fi. We have also made laces for shoes to monitor motion. So this is a fashionable and very powerful technology for wide ranging applications.” 
Fig. 4 Pulse wave signal described in the text.

1) Y. Tajitsu, “Catheters for thrombosis sample in blood vessels using piezoeletric polymer fibres”, Biomedical applications of electroactive polymer actuators, Chap. 21, Editors: Federico Carpi (University of Pisa, Italy) and Elisabeth Smela (University of Maryland, USA) , Wiley book (2009)
2) Y. Tajitsu, “Industrial applications of Poly(lactic acid)”, Advances in Polymer Science, Springer. (2017) 
3) Y. Tajitsu, “Piezoelectric Poly-L-lactic Acid Fabric and its Application to Control of Humanoid Robot”, Y. Tajitsu, Ferroelectric, 515, 1 (2017).
4) Y. Tajitsu, IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, in press. 
Further information

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A Brief Guide To Central New York - The Getaway That Could Change Your Life

A Brief Guide To Central New York
The Getaway That Could Change Your Life
(images: CNYFRESH)
Many of us who are regular travelers to New York would only consider the Big Apple our final destination. We often neglect or forget that New York is a pretty big state and there are so much more to offer if you want a different kind of cultural experience beyond the concrete jungle. Taking Central New York (CNY) as an example, the deep roots in brew, agriculture and American history make this region more than a unique destination to visit. Especially if you are a beer lover and/or an organic foodie, the burgeoning beverage scene, and the hardy farm-to-table movement would definitely be something worth your while to explore. Here’re a few craft beer checkpoints and fresh food favorites that should be on your to-do list the next time when you’re in CNY.

Brew Central Got You On Tap – Craft Beer Destinations

Utica and Verona, N.Y.
Start things off with the popular tour of the F.X. Matt Brewery, home to Saranac beers, and then take a walk up the street, where you can sample CNY’s first-ever legal bourbon alongside award-winning gin and vodka at AdirondackDistilling Co.

Cazeonvia and Hamilton, N.Y.
Head down to Hamilton’s Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room for its farm-to-table beer by the glass, growler fill, bottle or flight. Unwind with some win in a picturesque, rural setting of grapevines, gardens ponds and orchard at Cazenovia’s Owera Vineyards.

Syracuse, N.Y.
Nearby Syracuse is one of upstate New York’s best beer cities with its numerous craft-centric pubs and breweries. Try Empire Brewing Co., which utilizes local ingredients in its brewing process and food served up in a distinct urban setting. Nearby Middle Ages Brewing Co. uses a 160-year-old strain of Ringwood yeast from Yorkshire, England, and old-school open fermentation process to create unique brews.

Greater Binghamton, N.Y.
Sample a World Beer Cup winner at Galaxy Brewing Co. or have a world-class glass from another farm-to-table tap list and menu at Water Street Brewing Co.

Cooperstown N.Y.
Sample small-batch spirits celebrating the sport that made the town famous at Cooperstown Distillery. The nation’s premier producer of Belgian-style ales, Brewery Ommegang offers daily tours and tastings along with a slate of summer concerts and an incredible on-site café.

Charlotteville and Middleburgh, N.Y.
Follow the craft to KyMar Farm Winery and Distillery, where the principal ingredients are grown on site or by New York famers. Green Olf Brewing Co. also celebrates the area’s rich agricultural heritage by crafting uncommon ales from locally sources brewing staples.

It’s All About CNYFRESH – The Flavors of Central New York

There is no lack of local organic produce in CNY and food can’t get anymore fresh knowing it comes straight to your dinner table from the farm. With our busy and stressful corporate lives in the city, a weekend gateway trip or a vacation plan to the rural could, like the Amazing Race The Beekman Boys, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell said, “change your life”. The CNYFRESH community has a list of some of the finest farm-to-table and farm-to-glass producers that will show travelers why CNY flavors are so unique.

The Beekman Boys

For example the Critz Farm, a 325 acres of land situated 3.5 miles south of scenic U.S. Rouge 20 in Cazenovia is the perfect destination for a sweet tooth who likes tasty maple syrup. If you enjoy artisan dairy and specialty meats, the JonesFamily Farm is where you should be. The Frog Pond Farms has one of the largest selections of fresh fruit, veggies, flower and herbs that constantly change with the season. The Schoharie Valley Farms is the home of the Carrot Barn with a wide selection of farm-fresh veggies, local beef and dairy products, fresh-baked goods and a full deli counter.
If you are there for the culinary experience, the Table at Fort Plain is a dynamic restaurant with a menu that moves with the seasons. The restaurant takes ingredients directly from the farm and works in partnerships with CNY’s local breweries. The family run Origins Café in Cooperstown uses ingredients from more than 20 area farmers. They even have its produce housed right in their very own greenhouse.

Completing An Authentic CNY Experience

If you’re a sports fan, your CNY isn’t complete without enjoying a baseball game in Cooperstown, or perhaps a day of golf before the brewpubs in downtown Binghamton. Travelers can also make history with an old-school cruise down U.S. Route 20, take an old-growth forest hike or paddle the Erie Canal. The CNY experience invites visitors to craft their own adventure, be it brew, food, history or nature.

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