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Calgary's First Food Hall: Avenida Food Hall Brings A Taste Of Europe To Calgary

Avenida Food Hall Brings A Taste Of Europe To Calgary
Brand new concept offers 25+ full service restaurants with the bonus of farmers’ market vendors all under one roof
(photos: Avenida)
Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market (“Avenida”) is opening on December 15th, 2018 bringing a century-old concept to the south of Calgary. Originating within European department stores in the early 20th century, the food hall trend has spread to major cities all over the world.

Unlike food courts, which are designed and operated to serve as many people as quickly as possible, food halls are intended to serve as culinary gathering places, facilitating memorable social experiences where guests can stay awhile. Avenida will feature more than 25 full-service restaurants with incredible and innovative chefs at the helm including Duncan Ly, owner and chef at Foreign Concept, who is offering a new Mexican and Asian hybrid taqueria. Intertwined among the eateries will be communal dining designed to build community and foster connection among guests.

“If you’ve ever travelled to metropolises like Paris, New York and Lisbon in particular, you’ve likely experienced a traditional food hall and witnessed its community-building atmosphere,” notes Travis Callaway, president of Avenida. “When this space became available, we had a hard look at what type of model would bring both value and vibrancy to the neighbourhood and Calgary as a whole. A food hall has never been done before in our city and we feel like the trending foodie culture and slow food movement, Calgarians’ inquisitive approach to trying new flavours and cuisine as well as the open social environment will be widely enjoyed and appreciated.”

Beyond the restaurant options, guests will also be able to visit vendors that one would typically find in a more traditional farmers’ market. This includes fresh produce (both local and sourced from California and Mexico), butchers, a boutique florist and artisans as well as a unique stall where micro-artisans and makers are able to rent a small wall space to sell their local products.

“We’re also happy to share that Avenida has strict transparency requirements from its vendors as we want our guests to have a level of trust knowing where their food, ingredients and products as a whole are coming from,” continued Callaway. “We can’t wait to open our doors and become part of the city culture and act as a destination for tourists and locals alike.”

The interior look is inspired by a Southern California bistro vibe with modern touches like pendant lighting. Black and white motifs are prominent throughout the 22,000 square foot space. 

Avenida website:

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

H&M Foundation Puts EUR 1 Million and Coaching Program on the Table for Ideas Reinventing the Entire Fashion Industry – Special Call for Digital Innovation

H&M Foundation Puts EUR 1 Million and Coaching Program on the Table for Ideas Reinventing the Entire Fashion Industry
Special Call for Digital Innovation
(photos courtesy: H&M)

the non-profit H&M Foundation opens the fourth round of its annual innovation challenge Global Change Award at With over 8,000 entries from 151 countries since 2015, it´s the go-to competition for circular innovation and has been named the Nobel Prize of fashion. It provides powerful funding and yearlong coaching to innovators who come up with solutions to spark the shift towards a circular fashion industry, protecting the planet and our living conditions. This year there´s an extra eye on ideas within digitalization. The applications period is open until October 17th.

To speed up the shift from the standard linear model where clothes often end up in the landfill, to a circular model where materials can be reused or recycled, the Global Change Award was initiated in 2015 by H&M Foundation, in collaboration with Accenture and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. 

“New ideas are the foundation for change, but scaling them is an enormous challenge for every innovator. Together with our partners Accenture and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, we’ve seen previous winners cut years off their timeline through our accelerator program. Now, we are eager to welcome five new circular heroes and encourage everyone who wants to reinvent one of the world’s largest industries to apply”, says Karl-Johan Persson, board member of the H&M Foundation and CEO of H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB.

The Global Change Award wants to find tomorrow’s game changers. It can come from anyone, anywhere. The top five countries with the highest number of entries since 2015 are India, US, Italy, Nigeria and UK. The innovation should have the potential to make fashion circular and thereby protect the planet and our living conditions. Other criteria are its impact and scalability, that it’s novel and economically sustainable and that the team is suited to make a difference.

“Innovation and collaboration lead fashion’s shift to circularity and a more sustainable future. The Global Change Award’s support to material and systems innovators not only helps to accelerate the success of each individual awardee but also impacts the progress of the global fashion industry”, says Steven Kolb, President and CEO The Council of Fashion Designers of America & member of the Global Change Award 2019 Expert Panel. 

Previous winners with unexpected techniques, methods and fabrics show an incredible range of innovation possibilities, and how it can unlock solutions to big challenges. This year’s application period is August 29th to  October 17th. An international expert panel with extensive knowledge within fashion, environment, circularity, entrepreneurship and innovation selects the five winners which are crowned at the Grand Award Ceremony in Stockholm City Hall in April 2019.

“This year we keep an extra eye on digital innovations which can make significant impact on efficiency, planning and resource use - all the way from making raw material to a garment’s end of life. Digitalization has the potential to disrupt at the root, reinvent how things are done and help producers, sellers and customers to become circular”, says Erik Bang, Innovation Lead, H&M Foundation. 

H&M Foundation initiated the challenge to find innovations that allow major change for the entire industry, and the winner can collaborate with whoever they want. Neither the non-profit H&M Foundation nor H&M group take any equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations. 

Short launch film:

About the Global Change Award and how to apply: 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Versace Opening Canadian Flagship in Yorkville

Versace Opening Canadian Flagship in Yorkville
First Capital Realty (FCR), announced that Versace will open its Canadian Flagship store on Yorkville Avenue. As part of FCR’s new development at 102-108 Yorkville - located in the epicentre of Toronto’s luxury fashion and retail neighbourhood - the leading international and luxury design brand is slated to open its doors in Q1 2019.​

Located on Yorkville Avenue between Jimmy Choo and Brunello Cucinelli, in a building adjacent to the recently opened Chanel flagship, the Versace store will span approximately 3,000 square feet over two-levels and will incorporate its iconic Italian touch with the modern dynamism the brand is known for. The boutique will offer guests a selection of fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, prêt-à-porter,accessories, jewellery, watches and more, each item representing Versace’s heritage and embodying the brand’s strong and fearless designs.

Rendering of 102-108 Yorkville Ave.
Photo credit: Kearns Mancini

“We are very pleased to welcome Versace’s Canadian Flagship to its home in Yorkville,”said Gregory Menzies, Executive Vice President, First Capital Reality“Yorkville has long since been the city’s go-to for luxury fashion, and the neighbourhood’s ongoing revitalization makes it the perfect community for a globally-known brand like Versace. 102-108 Yorkville will be a destination to experience a growing list of iconic brands, restaurants and retail.”

In addition to luxury fashion, the 102-108 Yorkville development will also be home to global award-winning salon/spa and cocktail bar, Her Majesty’s Pleasure on the third floor and a high-end Japanese restaurant on the lower level that will be announced in the coming weeks. The project is now 100% leased. To date, First Capital Realty has invested approximately $600 million in the Bloor-Yorkville area with a portfolio that now includes 400,000 square feet of space comprised of the mall, street front retail properties on Yorkville Avenue and the retail component of One Bloor at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

We Are Ready - The 2018 Canadian International Fashion Film Festival Begins!

We Are Ready
Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2018 Begins!
When fashion meets film, the third annual Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF) is kicking off in Calgary at the Glenbow Museum Theatre this Saturday, May 5th 2018. Dozens of fashion films will be screened during the festival, selected from hundreds of submissions from around the world. A panel made of an international professionals the fashion and film industries including: Adrian Lazarus, Andy Lee, Sara Maino, Branco Popovic, Caitlin Agnew, Niccolo Montanari and more are involved in the judging process. With such high caliber, CANIFFF is perhaps one of the most underrated festivals in Canada. It is rare to see an event like this with such professionalism and expertise involved is not getting more attention like it should. It makes some of us wonder, are we really ready to push the boundaries and dap into realms of fashion films? The founder of CANIFFF, Katrina Olson-Mottahed definitely thinks this as an opportunity to open our doors to exchange ideas and promoting Canadian talents with the rest of the world who shares the same passion for fashion and film making. I sat down with her the other day to channel her current and future perspective of CANIFFF.

Why did you start CANIFFF and what is the initiative?

KO: I saw that there was an opportunity in Canada to create a platform to profile Canadian Fashion films, Directors, Designers, Composers and Stylists alongside the international talents creating work in this genre. I have a deep running love for experimental film and fashion film encompasses all the elements I love (fashion, film and arts). Along with partners we worked to found The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival otherwise known fondly as CANIFFF.

Was it difficult to out reach international filmmakers to participate, since CANIFFF was still relatively new?

KO: It was challenging at the beginning, but we have been very lucky to work with some very talented directors who were instrumental in our growth within the fashion film community. As you can probably imagine, fashion film is a niche genre and the community is pretty small but very well connected.

What are some of the films we are expecting to see this year at CANIFFF?

KO: There is exciting work from the fashion house of Roger Vivier by Victor Clarmont, Selfridges new film The Greatest Luxury by Kathryn Ferguson, Start the Buzz a film by Milano Moda Donna directed by Blinkfish Film and Creativity Factory (Giacomo Boeri & Matteo Grimaldi)- there are many more exciting films but these are big international fashion films we are very proud to be screening at our festival this year.

Do you have your top picks? Can you tell us or is it hush hush?

KO: There are directors I have come to love because there work is consistently amazing.This is why it so important to have a strong jury so they can rule out any bias'. 

What was the biggest challenge your team has running CANIFFF? How did you guys overcome them?

KO: The biggest challenge for us, as I am sure for every film festival is finding sponsors who align with our vision to keep our dream of Fashion Film alive in Canada. We don't have a big sponsorship team like a powerhouse Canadian festival like TIFF that has been running for 42 years. We are infantile in our 3rd year still learning so much while growing rather rapidly. This has been a steep learning curve even though some of us has been fundraising for the arts in our city close to a decade. The genre of fashion film is rather new as a film fest genre in North America so I think it will take time to foster and develop these relationships with the patrons and businesses who see our vision into the future.

Are you receiving a lot of support from both locals and national for CANIFFF?

KO: Like I mentioned in the previous answer, it will take time. I believe we are doing incredibly well for a 3rd year start-up in the agonizingly depressed economy in Calgary as it has been in these 3 years we have been operating. The businesses we have partnered with have been incredible and their unwavering support is what has helped us grow. Internationally we have had screenings in London, Istanbul, Berlin, Trinidad & Tabago as well as having our own channel on the world's premier fashion video network featuring original programming, classic fashion films and documentaries, and runway shows. Internationally I feel like we have received a lot more support for our festival which is a huge reason why were are known internationally. In Canada however, aside from our local support of businesses who we have partnered with, we need a new way to fund these kind of creative endeavours. This is something we will definitely be working toward in the upcoming year and moving forward.

How can we, as a community, help to promote art and culture organization such as CANIFFF?

KO: I think we just need more advocates of the arts in Canada. Patrons and Organizations need to champion for arts initiative start-ups. Offer an opportunity to partner with local artists or arts organizations to cross promote good, services and local events. When we buy tickets to events it helps, when we share events that may be of interest to our friends groups to spread the word, it helps. Collaboration has really been the key to our success over the part three years. 

It takes a lot of time and money to create and keep these projects on the rails. The time people have volunteered and the money we have all put in is what keeps it all up and running.  You need to be like Drake and start from the bottom and hustle hard to become successful internationally to make people recognize how many talented people there are creating awesome work in Canada in the arts. We need more eyeballs looking inward rather than outward at what the rest of the world is creating. It creates a scarcity mentality amongst organizations locally when there are very few funding opportunities and we are all after the same grants, sponsors and patrons for support. When people are clinging to everything they have out of fear of coming up short, it is really difficult to foster collaboration and inclusion. 

Tickets to festival and the full schedule are available on

Additional article about this in the visual arts in Canada:
CANIFFF 2018 trailer from CANIFFF on Vimeo

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Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Announces 2018 Rankings

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Announces 2018 Rankings
Fourth Annual List Sees 29 New Additions; Latest Issue Includes Canada’s 50 Best Bars 
Calcutta Cricket Club (for Best New Restaurant Design)

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants today released its comprehensive 2018 rankings for exemplary restaurants and bars nationwide. Recognizing culinary talent coast to coast to coast, the 2018 rankings welcome 29 restaurants new to this year’s list.

Canada’s most commendable chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders and critics all joined 
tonightto celebrate the launch of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2018 at an awards ceremony held at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (85 Hanna Ave, Toronto). The evening named Toronto’sAlo the best restaurant in Canada and awarded Toronto’s Bar Raval the inaugural no.1 spot on the 50 Best Bars list.

“We’re excited to launch our 2018 issue,” said Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Editor-in-Chief Jacob Richler. “Every year we’re able to promote exceptional Canadian cuisine and talent, and with the addition of the 50 best bars list, we’re proud to recognize the finest in both food and drink. Every last one represents a great choice for a stellar dining experience.”

In addition to the rankings, Canada’s 100 Best also recognizes excellence in the industry:
  • Lifetime Achievement Award*: Chef Lynn Crawford
  • Most Innovative Chef*: Chef Marc Lepine (Atelier)
  • Outstanding Chef*: Chef Patrick Kriss (Alo)
  • Best Farm to Table*: Chef Michael Smith (FireWorks Feast at the Inn at Bay Fortune)
  • Best New Restaurant*: La Banane (Chef Brandon Olsen) 
  • Best Pastry Chef*: Chef Daniel Mongraw (Toqué!)
  • Best New Restaurant Design*: Maya Gohill (Calcutta Cricket Club)
  • Best Sommelier*: Vanya Filipovic (Joe Beef)
  • Most Eco-Friendly Restaurant*: Actinolite (Chef Justin Cournoyer)
(above from left to right: Chef Lynn Crawford, Chef March Lepin, Chef Michael Smith, Chef Brandon Olsen, Chef Maya Gohill, Chef Daniel Mongraw, Chef Patrick Kriss, Chef Jacob Richler;
photo credits in order: Louise Savoie, Rick O'Brien, Liam Mogan, Jesse Milns)

Canada’s 100 Best named the following Top 10 restaurants for 2018:
  1. Alo – Toronto
  2. Toqué! – Montreal
  3. Joe Beef – Montreal
  4. Buca Osteria & Bar (Yorkville) – Toronto
  5. Langdon Hall – Cambridge
  6. Montréal Plaza – Montreal
  7. Raymonds – St. John’s
  8. Le Vin Papillon – Montreal
  9. Edulis – Toronto
  10. Kissa Tanto – Vancouver
Canada’s 50 Best Bars named the following Top 10 bars for 2018:
  1. Bar Raval – Toronto
  2. The Keefer Bar – Vancouver
  3. Coldroom – Montreal
  4. Proof – Calgary
  5. The Bar at Alo – Toronto
  6. Lot Six Bar & Restaurant – Halifax
  7. Bar Von Der Fels – Calgary
  8. Pretty Ugly – Toronto
  9. Clementine – Edmonton
  10. The Woodcutter’s Blanket – Whitehorse
Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants is proud to be the platform to showcase excellence in the industry. The annual list is renowned for being an unbiased metric of restaurant quality in Canada and represents the consensus of the diverse, knowledgeable opinions of 97 judges including Canada’s top chefs, restaurateurs, journalists and food industry insiders.
Available on newsstands across Canada on Monday, April 16, the magazine celebrates excellence in the restaurant industry in all its forms. For more information visit:

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Laura Aguilar Fearlessly Reclaims Her Body And Her Journey Through Life With "SHOW AND TELL"

Laura Aguilar Fearlessly Reclaims Her Body And Her Journey Through Life With "SHOW AND TELL"
A Powerful Voice for the Invisible Emerges with Raw Honesty"
Photos: courtesy of the artist and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. © Laura Aguilar
Lesbian, Latina and large-bodied, Laura Aguilar fearlessly reclaims her body and her journey with Show and Tell: the headline-grabbing exhibition that captured the heart of the art world during the recent PST: LA/LA, the massive art initiative led by the Getty. During this unprecedented exploration of Latin American and Latino art, Aguilar’s show was hailed as one of the most critically acclaimed of all the 70+ exhibitions at cultural institutions across Southern California. “Show and Tell” now makes it East Coast premiere in Miami at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU through May 27, located on the campus of Florida International University.

The first comprehensive retrospective of the American photographer’s work assembles more than one hundred photographs and video spanning three decades. A rebellious and groundbreaking Chicana, Aguilar’s retrospective has been heralded nationwide for establishing the artist as a powerful voice for diverse “invisible” communities, and for courageously disrupting repressive stereotypes of beauty and body representation. Often political as well as personal, the bold portraits cut across performative, feminist and queer art genres.

The images captured through her lens reflect Aguilar’s struggles with depression, obesity, self-acceptance, prejudice and misogyny.

Challenged by auditory dyslexia, she struggled with words and turned to her camera to penetrate the underground LGBT world around her in the East Los Angeles of the 1980s and 90s. Her later works cross into never-before-seen territory: Aguilar’s daring self-portraits juxtapose her over-sized, naked body alongside desolate terrains, hulking boulders and stark bodies of water.

The guest comment book inside the galleries of the Frost Art Museum is already overflowing with hand-written messages proclaiming shock, outrage, loneliness, hope and inspiration, ranging from “How could you do something like this?” to “I’ve been waiting for something like this all of my life."
"Laura Aguilar's works express raw honestly without demanding a singular response, and we are seeing how her exhibition is providing transformative experiences for those who are open to it," said Jordan Pomeroy, the Director of the Patricia & Philip Frost Art Museum FIU. "We are honored to be selected as the venue where the public can currently experience Aguilar's powerful approach to camera work, and her humanistic eye on her subject matter. Exhibited outside of its native Southern California context, Aguilar's exhibition resounds strongly to our East Coast, Latin American and Caribbean audiences - with universal truths about the ways we view others who may not look like ourselves or share our backgrounds. We are witnessing a strong response from our local audiences, including our many visitors from all over the world."

The exhibition was curated by Sybil Venegas, and was organized by the Vincent Price Art Museum (where it was originally presented as part of PST: LA/LA), in collaboration with the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

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OpenTable 2018 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out, According to OpenTable Diners
Toronto and Montreal Claim Highest Number of Restaurants with Bustling Bar Scenes,
Entertainment and Ambience

It’s been a long winter. Now that spring is here, Canadians are preparing to pack away the winter boots and step back into the nightlife. To guide them to the latest buzzing spots for a night out, OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations and part of Bookings Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKNG), has announced the 100 Best Restaurants in Canada for a Big Night Out. These awards reflect the combined opinions of more than 550,000 restaurant reviews submitted by verified OpenTable diners for more than 2,500 restaurants in Canada.

With restaurants from 19 cities across nine provinces, the list has options for Canadians from coast to coast. Ontario is the province with the highest number of restaurants for a Big Night Out included (42). Of those establishments, 30 are located in Toronto, which is the most-featured city on the list. Quebec has the second-highest number of restaurants with 23 establishments, followed by Alberta with 16, British Columbia with eight and Manitoba and Nova Scotia each have three. Rounding out the list are restaurants from Saskatchewan and Newfoundland with two restaurants each while New Brunswick has one establishment featured.

“This list has everything from buzzy hot spots to hidden gems,” said Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer, OpenTable. “Whether Canadians are looking for the newest restaurant in town or the latest place to see and be seen, there is something to satisfy anyone looking for a Big Night Out."

Featured on the list are popular picks for dining with out-of-town friends, such as restaurants with panoramic city views like Portus 360 in Montreal; neighbourhood highlights where locals go for a date night, such as La Bananein Toronto; and newcomers, such as Nightingale in Vancouver, which have caught the attention of foodies in just a few short years. In total, the list features nine new buzzing restaurants that opened in 2017.

Cozy comfort foods, tapas and fusion foods were among the 44 different cuisines included, but Canadian, seafood, Italian, international and French were the most popular cuisines.

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out is generated solely from more than 550,000 restaurant reviews collected from verified OpenTable diners between February 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018. All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration. Qualifying restaurants were then scored and sorted according to the percentage of reviews for which “hot spot” was selected as a special feature.

Based on this methodology, the 100 Best Restaurants in Canada for a Big Night Out according to OpenTable diners are as follows (in alphabetical order):
ANEJO Restaurant – Calgary, AB
ANJU – Calgary, AB
Ayden Kitchen & Bar – Saskatoon, SK
Bar Laurel – Ottawa, ON
Baro – Toronto, ON
Barsa Taberna – Toronto, ON
Berkeley North – Hamilton, ON
BEVO Bar + Pizzeria – Montreal, QC
BIERA - Ritchie Market – Edmonton, AB
Blue Water Cafe – Vancouver, BC
BlueBlood Steakhouse – Toronto, ON
Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse – Niagara Falls, ON
Brasserie 701 – Montreal, QC
Brasserie T! – Montreal, QC
Bridgette Bar – Calgary, AB
Bundok – Edmonton, AB
Byblos – Toronto, ON
The Carbon Bar – Toronto, ON
Carnaval Brazilian BBQ – Winnipeg, ON
Cibo Wine Bar King St West – Toronto, ON
CLEAVER – Calgary, AB
DaiLo – Toronto, ON
Damas – Montreal, QC
Deville Dinerbar – Montreal, QC
Drake Devonshire Inn – Wellington, ON
Drake Hotel – Toronto, ON
Drake One Fifty – Toronto, ON
e11even – Toronto, ON
El Caballito Tequila Bar – Toronto, ON
El Catrin – Toronto, ON
Elbow Room – Calgary, AB
Europea – Montreal, QC
Fairouz – Ottawa, ON
Fauna – Ottawa, ON
Fayuca – Vancouver, BC
The Fifth Ticket – St. John’s, NF
The Five Fishermen – Halifax, NS
Foreign Concept – Calgary, AB
Foxy – Montreal, QC
Fring's – Toronto, ON
Grey Gardens – Toronto, ON
Harpers Landing – Oakville, ON
Hoogan & Beaufort – Montreal, QC
Italian by Night – Saint John, NB
Kasa Moto – Toronto, ON
Kyo Bar Japonais – Montreal, QC
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon – Montreal, QC
La Banane – Toronto, ON
La Carnita – Toronto, ON
LaurieRaphael – Quebec, QC
Le Filet – Montreal, QC
Le Serpent – Montreal, QC
Lee – Toronto, ON
Lisa Marie – Toronto, ON
Lov de la Montagne – Montreal, QC
Lov McGill– Montreal, QC
Maggie Oakes – Montreal, QC
Mamakas Taverna – Toronto, ON
Mangiafoco – Montreal, QC
The Merchant Kitchen – Winnipeg, MB
The Merchant Tavern – St. John’s, NF
Modavie – Montreal, QC
Model Milk – Calgary, AB
The Nash – Calgary, AB
Nightingale – Vancouver, BC
Notkins – Montreal, QC
ONE Restaurant – Toronto, ON
Osteria Savio Volpe – Vancouver, BC
Patria – Toronto, ON
Piano Piano – Toronto, ON
Pigeonhole – Calgary, AB
Pizzeria Gusto – Winnipeg, MB
Planta – Toronto, ON
Portus 360 – Montreal, QC
R&D Restaurant – Toronto, ON
Real Sports Bar and Grill – Toronto, ON
Restaurant Toque! – Montreal, QC
Riviera – Ottawa, ON
Rodney's Oyster House – Calgary, AB
Sabor Restaurant – Edmonton, AB
Sticks and Stones – Saskatoon, SK
STK – Toronto, ON
Studio East – Halifax, NS
Tapeo – Mississauga, ON
Take Five Bistro – Windsor, ON
Ten Foot Henry – Calgary, AB
The Stubborn Goat Gastropub – Halifax, NS
Union Social Eatery – Mississauga, ON
Washington Avenue Grill – White Rock, BC
West Oak Restaurant – Vancouver, BC
Wienstein & Gavino's – Montreal, QC
Woodwork – Edmonton, AB

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