Friday, August 4, 2017

Bringing the Canadian Vibe To Sunny Florida Summer Essentials

Bringing the Canadian Vibe To Sunny Florida
Summer Essentials
(photos by: Paige T. Spence)
We’ve arrived mid-summer and I hope all of you had the opportunity to enjoy some sunny D. As for me, spending my first summer in Florida hasn’t been easy, especially when it comes to the heat and humidity. The positive side though is that there’s no lacking of outdoor activities and you can do them almost all year round. There are so many parks and campgrounds surrounded by tropical nature and wild life. It’s one of the best locations for outdoor enthusiasts. This season I am introducing Canadian aesthetics to sunny Florida, all designed in Canada:
Moose Knuckles spring/summer introduced the playful and quirky ‘moose face’ sweat shirt. It’s probably my favorite piece in the collection because of its unique design and something that’s really refreshing to see from the brand. And as of now, it also became one of my essentials in the closet. J

Where ever I go, whether it’s a day on a hiking trail or a short kayaking trip, I always carry my WillLand Outdoor backpack. 100% Canadian and I just love its organized multiple compartments design and functionality.

The 90’s tear away track pants are back and seem to be still going strong, as seen in various magazine editorials where they mix and match with outfits for the nostalgic look. I like to bring along a Canadian-made pair for style, but also just in case when it rains I had something to cover my legs or ‘tear away’ if it gets too hot in the afternoon.

Finally, I also like my plaid kimono shirt by Naked & Famous. The kimono style keeps my body cool during summer, and it’s another Canadian brand that speaks contemporary.

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