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In Conversation With The Naked Magicians: Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne - The Aussie Duo Set To Perform In April in Calgary

In Conversation With The Naked Magicians: Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne
The Aussie Duo Are Set To Perform In April In Calgary
(photo: associated press)
The Aussie besties Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne or together better known as The Naked Magicians will be going to Calgary for the second time this spring to perform. “When we did the cross-Canada tour, Calgary was one of the best shows we’ve had, so we decided to come back to do it again.” said the boys.

The duo amped up the excitement of a traditional magic show with something lets just say, more sex appeal and less conventional. Prior to the naked status, Tyler and Wayne were already performing magic tricks, but they wanted to do something different and something that stands out to the audience. “Magician is like the second oldest profession in history, we couldn’t believe no one has done it nude." said Tyler and Wayne. “We spent more than a year putting a show together, coming up with ways to do (magic tricks) without pockets and sleeves.”

When they finally launched their first performance, live on stage, it was an “all in” gamble for the boys, both financially and their reputation. As it turns out, taking the risk is the right choice – from performing to a group of audience of 200, to now 500-1000 per show. The Naked Magicians has proven to be a success and well-received entertainment worldwide. “We haven’t look back since” said Wayne. “To date, we have done over 400 shows.”

I asked them have they been in a situation where a fan might’ve gotten ‘too close’ when things got heated. Tyler said so far of that 400 performances, there has only been one incident where a fan just had “a lil too much to drink.”

The Naked Magicians are seen on a number of TV programs and media highlights lately.  The Sunday Herald even declares them as “definitely one of the most visually stimulating magic shows in the world”. “The show is obviously getting a lot of attention,” I said. “Ever plan on adding a third wheel? Perhaps a magic assistant?” The answer is “no”. The long-time best buddies are feeling good right now working with each other. They explain that there still isn’t that many well known magician duos in the industry.

So what is our Calgary audience expecting to see on April 20th at the Jubilee Auditorium? I guess they’ll have to purchase their tickets to find out. The Naked Magicians will promise two things – be naked and perform unbelievable magic. They left me with their famous quote: “Good magicians don’t need sleeves; Great magicians don’t wear pants.”


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