Sunday, February 26, 2017

Black History Month: Fashion Designer Zelda Wynn Valdes

Black History Month
Remembering Fashion Designer Zelda Wynn Valdes
Came across this article about Zelda Wynn Valdes, and I was in awe of this woman and how come I didn’t learn about this sooner. Yes, you may not have heard of her, but you’ve certainly seen her designs. Zelda Wynn Valdes is credited with creating the original Playboy bunny costume. The work of the trailblazing fashion designer/entrepreneur highlighted the coveted hour-glass figure in the 1940s and 1950s. The rest of the info of this post was from the blog article I read by @lagonegirl.

Valdes was the first black designer to open up her own shop on Broadway in 1948. She created gorgeous gowns many stars like Mae West, Joyce Bryant, Josephine Baker, Gladys Knight, Sarah Vaughan, Dorothy Dandrige, Ella Fitzegerald and countless others.

Later in her career, she created costumes for the Dance Theater of Harlem. Valdes also notably helped found the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designs. She died in 2001 at age 96, but her legacy lives on.

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