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Wild Tea Kombucha x Wild Rose Brewery Launching The “Blushing Brew”

Wild Tea Kombucha x Wild Rose Brewery Launching The "Blushing Brew"
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Founders of Wild Tea Kombucha: Brigette Freel and Emily Baadsvik

I now pronounce to you, the official marriage of kombucha + beer. Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Wild Tea Kombucha joined hands with Wild Rose Brewery to launch a limited time offer kombucha-flavored beer called the “Blushing Brew”. Cute name by the way…enough to make anyone who consumes this magic potion feel the love in the air. It’s always great to see two local businesses (both Alberta-based) collaborate and create a unique product that’s accessible to everyone and not just one type of person.

So where did this new kind of funk come from? In actual, kombucha beer has been around for quite some time in the States, but there isn’t much of a scene yet in Canada. The founders of Wild Tea Kombucha, Emily Baadsvik (former Canadian Olympic Bobsled team member) and Brigette Freel saw this as an opportunity and began bouncing off ideas with Wild Rose Brewery, who also shares a common believe in small batches, craft beverages. Soon after, their partnership is born to create something innovative, something unique, and something local-made. The result is 2/3 Wild Rose’s Cowbell, which has a sour-base, with 1/3 Wild Tea’s kombucha. This special brew carries a bit of acidic and tart flavors. You’ll also find hints of kombucha’s hibiscus flower, rose petal and juniper berry notes, the special ingredients that give the ale the pinky red color.

A unique feature of Wild Tea Kombucha’s kombucha is that they utilize small patch methods producing a product that is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized. In addition, they don’t carbonate their drink to prevent losing its integrity. As for flavoring, they use fresh juices. Due to kombucha’s naturally low pH level, the beverage has a shelf life of up to four months. It has great health benefits and perfect for people looking for beverage alternative that has less sugar. Emily explains kombucha was her guilty pleasure when she was an athlete, as it helped her improve her training by maximizing protein intake.

The “Blushing Brew” will have a limited run and only available to a handful. In addition to National Beer Hall and Charcut, Emily and Brigette highly recommend anyone who’s interested to capitalized the experience by heading over to the Mount Royal of Wild Rose Brewery and try this drink on tap. Since the beer has quite an acidic flavor and light, it is perfect for any food pairings, from fresh salads, seafood pasta, to a big steak, or even an after-meal delight. The limited edition “Blushing Brew” will be available on February 8th 2017.

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