Friday, January 27, 2017

Wild Tea Kombucha x Wild Rose Brewery Launching The “Blushing Brew”

Wild Tea Kombucha x Wild Rose Brewery Launching The "Blushing Brew"
(photo source)
Founders of Wild Tea Kombucha: Brigette Freel and Emily Baadsvik

I now pronounce to you, the official marriage of kombucha + beer. Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Wild Tea Kombucha joined hands with Wild Rose Brewery to launch a limited time offer kombucha-flavored beer called the “Blushing Brew”. Cute name by the way…enough to make anyone who consumes this magic potion feel the love in the air. It’s always great to see two local businesses (both Alberta-based) collaborate and create a unique product that’s accessible to everyone and not just one type of person.

So where did this new kind of funk come from? In actual, kombucha beer has been around for quite some time in the States, but there isn’t much of a scene yet in Canada. The founders of Wild Tea Kombucha, Emily Baadsvik (former Canadian Olympic Bobsled team member) and Brigette Freel saw this as an opportunity and began bouncing off ideas with Wild Rose Brewery, who also shares a common believe in small batches, craft beverages. Soon after, their partnership is born to create something innovative, something unique, and something local-made. The result is 2/3 Wild Rose’s Cowbell, which has a sour-base, with 1/3 Wild Tea’s kombucha. This special brew carries a bit of acidic and tart flavors. You’ll also find hints of kombucha’s hibiscus flower, rose petal and juniper berry notes, the special ingredients that give the ale the pinky red color.

A unique feature of Wild Tea Kombucha’s kombucha is that they utilize small patch methods producing a product that is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized. In addition, they don’t carbonate their drink to prevent losing its integrity. As for flavoring, they use fresh juices. Due to kombucha’s naturally low pH level, the beverage has a shelf life of up to four months. It has great health benefits and perfect for people looking for beverage alternative that has less sugar. Emily explains kombucha was her guilty pleasure when she was an athlete, as it helped her improve her training by maximizing protein intake.

The “Blushing Brew” will have a limited run and only available to a handful. In addition to National Beer Hall and Charcut, Emily and Brigette highly recommend anyone who’s interested to capitalized the experience by heading over to the Mount Royal of Wild Rose Brewery and try this drink on tap. Since the beer has quite an acidic flavor and light, it is perfect for any food pairings, from fresh salads, seafood pasta, to a big steak, or even an after-meal delight. The limited edition “Blushing Brew” will be available on February 8th 2017.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

La vie des toiles - Yumi Katsura SS17 Couture

La vie des toiles
Yumi Katsura SS17 Couture
(photos: associated press)
In my mind, she’s certainly a brave and independent woman – Yumi Katsura, born in Tokyo in 1932, is one of the leading Japanese fashion explorers of modern times. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 50 years, arguably one of the most famous and influential designers in Japan, and a pioneer of Western culture, revisited the wearing of the kimono by including a modern zest and using original fabrics. She has managed to combine ancient Japanese traditions and art with the techniques and know-how of Parisian couture. She modernizes the wearing of the kimono by Japanese women, going outside the traditional codes of use.

I am perhaps most familiar with her bridal couture designs. It always brings me a fairytale journey, a perfect wedding scenario, and happily ever after. Her latest creation, for the spring and summer ’17 collection, truly reveals her obsession with kimono. The masterpiece is the blank page that she reinvents through the seasons to go beyond the “kiru” and the “mono”, literally the thing that one wears on oneself – Japanese traditional clothing finds other meanings for the woman who wears it. Katsura performs her “sampling”, re-defines and re-shapes rectangles of folded and sewn fabrics, but never cut them.

The style of Katsura signs its difference by a set of unique sleeves grafted on to her proposals for clothing. This deliberately stretched sleeve is a tribute to young women, named Furisode. As a protective cover, the left side closes on to the right side. Originally, it made it possible to hide the tanto, but the only weapon Katsura needs is seduction. Her woman, in the spotlight, declares herself strong, free and modern in tune with the times, culture and nature.

The Ito Jakuchu prints are all over - Inspired by Japanese nature and more graphic designs like cherry blossoms, pine trees bending in a melancholy breeze, bamboo that does not bend, pop floral designs. Calligraphy is transposed to the textile fibre, and down to the skin by trompe-l’oeil embroidery. From needle and thread, evening dress tells a magical story and become living pictures. A swallow escaping from its nest announces the arrival of spring. The delicate balance of Katsura is to build a bridge between the East and the West.

As for technique, Yumi Katsura re-encodes the form of the wide belt tied in the back, called an “obi”. Yuzen, an ancient dyeing technique of silk used for making traditional kimonos, is transposed to an evening dress with breathing, swelling skirt. Another gold sheath dress with the stunning train uses the same technique, with embroidery and a peacock feather evoking the quetzal, the bird of fire. The necklines are not too low and the transparencies are restrained, to keep a chic and stylish status. The color range is an impressionistic palette made up of a glass of water, a blue wash, a water lily pink, a red kiss, and a liquid gold. Turbans and head coverings, the eyes of mannequins hidden behind acid-colored glasses are an iconic tribute to Katsura herself.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Freedom Forever", Andrea Pompilio FW17

"Freedom Forever"
Andrea Pompilio FW17
(look book photos: associated press)
One of the Italian fashion designers that I hold dearly close to heart is Andrea Pompilio. I was graciously invited this season to review the latest fall/winter 2017 collection. Shown at his Milanese studio, the motto for this collection is Freedom Forever: It’s “a prideful celebration of self expression and self-determination, a revolutionary message that’s universal as it is personal, related to everyone’s intimate and private sphere”. It felt like a metaphor of his exit from Canali last year, he became a “non-conformist to menswear”, and by all means creating hybrids of “men’s staples with mismatched fabrics.”

This season features shirts with wide raincoat-style zippers, sweaters come stitched with sweatshirts into two-faced tops, boat shoes are transformed into chunky moccasins. Joggers are reimaged into unconventional materials, while lumberjack checks are found on double-breasted sartorial blazers, enriched by fustian shoulders and suede patches. Other pieces include aviator bombers that are cut in stripy wool, reminiscent of Mexican ponchos, Shetland knitwear is contaminated by ‘Far West’ embroidery, American-flavored workwear is marked by white stitches, resembling the tacking of traditional Neapolitan tailors. Particularly the cashmere-like flannels alternating with British imported yarns, lodens and tartan jacquards, and felted wool bands emphasizing the silhouette of oversized pants and military coats are perhaps among some of my favorites.

Pompilio invited his long time friend Ana Gimeno Brugada as his this season’s biggest star in the look book: “I always admired Ana for her strong point of view on fashion, not interested in trends for the sake of trends” says Pompilio “but rather in the construction of a precise aesthetic that reflects her own way of being.” With Ana’s distinctive elegance, it is speaking true to his philosophy: clothes do not impose labels, but serve the character of their wearer.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

7 Influencer Marketing Trends For 2017

  7 Influencer Marketing Trends For 2017
Influencer marketing is probably the fastest-growing marketing channel at present. As the relationship of trust strengthens between brand and influencer, it seems likely that 2017 will be the year that brands will gain more confidence in handing over creative freedom and narrative control to influencers. I think it’s time to emphasize again “quality will win out over quantity”, and no doubt brands and influencer alike will be more selective than ever about who would they choose to work with.

In recent, UK-based Fashion and Beauty Monitor have conducted a research, which after compiling the data revealed ‘7 hottest trends that will shape influencer marketing in 2017’:

1.    The emphasis on personal brand will prevail
In 2017 the focus on building a personal brand will continue to be the main area of focus. What the Fashion and Beauty Monitor found from surveying a large group of fashion and beauty influencers is that majority will only partnering with brands that offer a good fit, and are of specific relevance to their audience.  In addition, building long-term sustainable relationships with brands is the second biggest priority. The finding shows that while one-off endorsements dominated the collaborative space in 2016, this year influences would like to be forging more meaningful partnerships.

2.    The rise of ‘influencer’ squads
Influencer squads can be a savvy marketing move by brands, enabling them to widen their circle of engagement by piggybacking off the connections and social following of the influencers they have a relationship with. Moreover, the diversity of the ‘squad’ brings added value to the brand campaign, providing they align with thee brand values and operate in the same market. Influencer squads are where you really begin to tell the same story from many different angles, and you see different opinions but all on the same story. This is particularly true with celebrity influencers – Such as Taylor Swift’s 4th July party, for example, which had so many celebrities there all Instagramming their moments from the party. Suddenly you have quite a unique story taking shape, because of her squad.

3.    The rise of mid-tier influencers
The ‘magic middle’ is a term originally defined by David Sifry, founder of Technorati, and has also been widely used by industry thought leaders Brian Solis. It refers to an untapped genre of influence, providing the ideal alternative of complement to A-list influencer outreach. In many ways, these mid-tier influencers are the ones the general public aspires to more than Hollywood celebrities or super models, for example, as they’re more within their reach. It’s with the mid-tier that brands can start to engage on a much more personable level with consumers, and talk of a lifestyle they can aspire to. For example, yoga instructor Patrick Beach had just a few thousand followers on Instagram, yet H&M Sport recognize that they were highly engaged bunch of followers who cared deeply about what he had to say, owing to his passion and commitment to his subject. The high street fashion brand approached him with a partnership opportunity, which over a short period of time has proved itself to be incredibly successful for both parties. Fundamentally, it has brought Patrick a new respected fan base, and he now boasts over 300,000 followers.

4.    A layered approach
Influencers and agencies agree that brands need to be thinking beyond product reviews and gifting, taking a more interesting, layered approach to influencer marketing. Savvy consumers want insider access, behind the scenes previews and insight into the lives of brand and its people. For example, Benefit Cosmetics’ Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make up and trend artist, shares tips, tricks, product previews and demos, as well as backstage shots at Fashion Week and QVC. Not only this, she also often helps with out-of-hours customer service across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, as well as featuring brand on her own YouTube channel. Not only does this help raise the profile for the brand, but also positions Lisa as an influential figure in the industry, and in turn offer the brand even more exposure.

5.    A smarter approach to research identification
Interviews with influencers confirmed that even in the digital age, it remains surprisingly difficult to seek out and established relevant brand partnerships. In the majority of cases influencers are sitting back and waiting to be contacted, but then they say that more than half of the brand approaches they receive are generally poorly researched and untargeted, and not relevant to them nor their audience. It’s an inefficient way of working, and moving forward, brands will be required to find better tools and methods to identify suitable influencers to work with, who they can established a more meaningful relationship with long-term.

6.    Video will prevail
Video provides brands with greater scope to be creative, while offering a broader storytelling arc. It’s also the format consumers are demonstrating an insatiable appetite for right now, as if done well, it allows them to access a lifestyle, rather than just a moment via an Instagram image, for example.

7.    A lighter legal framework
Contracts have formalized the influencer marketing industry, to a degree. Many influencers said increasingly, they are being asked to sign contracts for paid collaborations, so that everyone is clear on what’s expected of them. Let’s be honest, most influencers lack management or agents, it’s important the contracts are short and easily digestible. To clear up any remaining confusion around disclosure rules, it seems inevitable that moving forwards, brands will begin including these requirements within their contracts, if they are doing so already. For this reason, it’s crucial that brands keep up-to-date on the regulations specific to their country, which inevitably will tighten up further as the industry matures.
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Coming Soon: The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show 2017

  Coming Soon
The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show 2017
(photos: The Heart Truth)
2017 Heart Truth model KiKi Buttignol wearing dress by Angela Dale
The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show is returning on February 11th 2017. The one night-only luxurious and fashionable event will help raise funds for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation. This year’s theme is inspired by the art and romance of the Renaissance-era. Like all Heart Truth fashion shows across Canada, a selected group of passionate and inspiring Heart Truth women will grace the runway in unique Red Dresses created specifically for the Heart & Stroke Foundation by some of Canada’s talented fashion designers. Participating fashion designers include: Jovalene Fox, Nicole Campre, Lauren Bagliore, Natasha Lazarovic, Angela Dale, Malika Rajani, Marina Ortman, Tracey Wardkerr, Lara Presber, Nicole Rita Tomney, Chantel Traub, Maria Orduz, Marsina King and Mackenzie Jones. The generous support and donation of the evening will continue to empower the Heart & Stroke Foundation in its mission to fund brilliant researchers in their quest to improve quality of life for Heart & Stroke patients, develop novel treatments to save more lives, find new answers to prevent future broken hearts and put more years in the lives, and more life in the years, of all Canadians. Tickets are still available for purchase. My company and team Vinegar Advertising Inc. is a proud web design and development sponsor this year for the Heart Truth – Be sure to check out the webiste at for more info.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Designer Feature: Meet Niels Peeraer

Designer Feature: Meet Niels Peeraer
 (photos: Associated Press)
Niels Peeraer is a Belgian fashion and accessories designer who graduated at the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp in 2011. His Master collection had earned him a total of 5 awards including a collaboration with DELVAUX, one of the oldest fine leather luxury goods houses in the world since 1829.

Peeraer is known for his visually unique and emotional work. He often explores the recurring theme about the opposing force between masculinity and femininity; The roughness of the material against the light heartedness of the designs, culminating a new vision created to share his whole universe with each item. Not to shock but simply about bringing an innocent happiness to everyday life.

After graduating, Peeraer has established a Paris-based leather accessories brand. Under his eponymous label, he hones his skills of vegetable tanned leather and brass fittings to create a strong and personal aesthetic with a high level of craftsmanship.

One of the most unique techniques, signature to Peeraer’s work is that his bags have no stitching, and are made fully by assembling through screws and hardware. Through this, he achieves much cleaner lines and strength on his pieces. Instead of covering the beautiful inside of leather, he use a special waxing process as finishing, creating a smooth and clean surface also on the inside of the leather.

Seen in his latest collection, Peeraer’s vision is to touch as many hearts as possible with ‘cuteness’, not through mass-production and cutting corners but through respect for the old leather-craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as the final touches of his signature, light-hearted bows.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

"Fight Club Meets Night Club" - An Interview With Rumble Boxing Studio Owner Cissy Chen

"Fight Club Meets Night Club"
An Interview With Rumble Boxing Studio Owner Cissy Chen
(photos: Rumble Boxing Studio)
Strolling along Calgary’s 17th Ave and between 6th and 7th St, you may come across Rumble Boxing Studio. Launched in Nov ‘16, Rumble is one of the first boxing-inspired group fitness studios in Calgary. Don’t let their club beats and florescent lights fool you! Each class is designed ensure you get the best 1-hour work out with easy to follow routines so you don’t have to have any experience in boxing. Most importantly, they want you to challenge yourself and have a great time. In addition to group classes, you can also sign up for one-on-one training session with one of Rumble’s professional boxing trainers. I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to join some of their classes, and sat down with Rumble’s owner Cissy Chen for an interview!
How did you come about starting a boxing studio business?
The boxing-fitness idea came about when I travelled to New York and LA. It’s quite popular there and I personally love the idea of mixing the intensity of boxing and the rhythm of music. I’d been going to spin classes regularly here in Calgary, and I thought if people can dance on a bike, they could also punch to a beat. I wanted to bring what I saw in New York ad LA to my fitness-loving Calgarians – It’s the first in this city and I know many people would find it refreshing.

What is the concept and philosophy of Rumble Boxing?
The concept Rumble is fight-club meets night-club, and our philosophy is through our classes, people are able to feel an increase in their physical and mental strengths while having fun.

Describe the day-to-day activities that go on at Rumble?
There is a lot going on at the studio everyday. We have people at the front shopping for fashionable athletic wear at the Rumble Boutique, and we have an Energy Bar that serves delicious fresh cold press juices and Acai Bowls prepared by Chef Shaun Desaulniers. Our main 40-boxing bags studio is where people pump. Upstairs is a private gym, which invites our members to work out. We try to keep the studio vibrant and full of positive energy.

What is your favorite element in boxing fitness? Why do you think it’s becoming so popular worldwide?
I consider boxing fitness is a therapy for me – It lets my mind to stay focus, and releases all my negative emotions and stress onto the bag, while I am building my strengths both physically and mentally. The workout is meant to be fun and not boring. I think there are many elements as to why this is becoming more and more popular: The social aspect to these classes where people feel engaged; Boxing has been proven to be one of the best body work outs; Boxing is kind of a badass sport and we all want to release our ‘inner beast’ sometimes; Many social media influencers have shown their fitness routines involve boxing.

What is your word of advice for young entrepreneurs who want to start their business in Calgary?
If you have a great idea, then just go for it. Sometimes we wait too long and things never happen.

Any specials or any upcoming event at Rumble?
In January we have something called the ‘buddy pass day’ – we are appreciating our current clients by offering them to bring a friend or buddy to work out together at Rumble, both of their classes are free. We also have the DJ Kav Night that allows people to experience the real ‘fight-club meets night-club’ vibe.

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