Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Coca-Cola Teams Up Hex To Create Innovative Sneaker Bags

Coca-Cola Teams Up Hex To Create Innovative Sneaker Bags
HEX, award-winning fashion accessory brand, today announced the release of a 3-piece capsule in collaboration with Coca-Cola.
“Who doesn’t love Coke?,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “It is a worldwide brand that represents great taste and authenticity.  Coca-Cola continually reinvents itself in a way that is relevant for each generation.  We thought it was a perfect blend to bring into our rapidly-growing sneaker bag space and the results speak for themselves."
The capsule features mixed-materials on the exterior in a signature Coca-Cola red and white color scheme.  The inside lining in Coca-Cola Georgia green features the Coke bottle as a graphic that adds an element of fun.  There are 3 sneaker-centric shapes:  The Sneaker Duffel, The Sneaker Backpack, and the new Sneaker Sling.  The Sneaker Sling is especially noteworthy as this is its first appearance in a product lineup and acts as a fanny pack as well as sneaker transport, while also incorporating HEX’s #DeviceReady storage pocket.  
The Sneaker Sling retails for $70. The Sneaker Duffel is a take on one of HEX’s most popular designs and features two side sneaker pockets with a main center compartment for clothing and a laptop compartment.  
The Sneaker Duffel retails for $170. The Sneaker Backpack is a fully functional #DeviceReady backpack that features a special sneaker compartment that is accessed through the back of the back. 
The Sneaker Backpack retails for $160. The Coca-Cola by HEX Capsule is available at hexbrand.com and many premium retailers domestically and internationally.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Henry Singer Opens New Flagship Store in Eighth Avenue Place

Henry Singer Opens New Flagship Store in Eighth Avenue Place
(photos: Chris Bolin)
Esteemed Alberta menswear retailer Henry Singer officially opens its new one-of-a-kind flagship store in Eighth Avenue Place. The 6,006 sq-ft store sets the precedent for future Henry Singer locations and marks the next chapter in the company’s enduring legacy.

Designed by award-winning architecture and interior designer firm McKinley Burkart, Henry Singer Eighth Avenue Place will provide an elevated, highly experimental lifestyle offering. Signature features of the new store include VIP change rooms, a luxury private shopping suite concealed behind a bookcase, an onsite barbershop, which opened on October 16th , offering grooming services from the talented team of Johnny’s – a member of the Hedkandi Salon group – and an apothecary featuring a finely-curated selection of men’s skin care products and fragrances.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Arab Fashion Council And Meraas Signs Partnership Agreement

The Arab Fashion Council And Meraas Signs Partnership Agreement
The 5th Edition of Arab Fashion Week To be Held At City Walk In Dubai
(photos: Arab Fashion Council)
Arab Fashion Week, City Walk
The Arab Fashion Council (AFC), the world’s largest not-for-profit fashion organization with a vision to establish a fashion ecosystem in the Arab world, has officially entered into a long-term partnership with Meraas, a leading Dubai-based holding company, in order to continue promoting Dubai as a global style destination.
Under the new partnership, the Arab Fashion Council will once again host its bi-annual Arab Fashion Week (AFW) which will be held this season and for the first time at City Walk, a city within a city, developed by Meraas that seamlessly combines living, shopping, entertainment, hospitality and wellness options within one unique destination. The destination is home to over 300 local and global brands comprising luxury, contemporary, high street fashion brands, F&B, jewellery and watches, leisure and entertainment and much more. The five-day event will take place from 15-19 November and is expected to attract a huge number of visitors and participants including industry VIP and celebrity guests flying in from all over the world for the occasion. With over 25 regional and international designers showcasing their latest creations every season, Arab Fashion Week is the first and only platform in the world dedicated to promoting Pre-collections and Ready-Couture.
Milan, September 2017 / H. E. Cavalier Mario Boselli, Executive Honorary President - Sara Ferraris, Duvent's Project Manager for Arab Fashion Week - Jacob Abrian, Ceo Arab Fashion Council
“We are thrilled to host the fifth edition of Arab Fashion Week in partnership with Meraas as it presents an exciting opportunity to unite the Dubai fashion community. While Arab Fashion Week is an industry-focused event, we want everyone to feel that they are part of it, and together with Meraas, we hope to create another hugely successful event,” said Jacob Abrian, CEO of Arab Fashion Council.
Meraas combines creativity and engineering to deliver a unique portfolio of urban and lifestyle destinations that are designed to make Dubai and the UAE a number one destination for people to live, work, visit and enjoy time with family and friends. As part of the strategic partnership with the Arab Fashion Council, Meraas will be hosting various events and activations in addition to City Walk across all its developments, including The Beach, Boxpark, The Outlet Village, La Mer and Al Seef in order to make Arab Fashion Week a truly city-wide celebration. The five-day event will take center stage at City Walk and will include a schedule of daily runway shows, presentations, panel discussions and pop-up boutiques.
In order left to right: Ingie Paris, Marchesa, Antonio Marras
Sally Yacoub, Chief Malls Officer at Meraas said: “Dubai’s ambition is to become one of the world’s top capitals for fashion and design, and we are excited to support the growth of both industries by partnering with the Arab Fashion Council. Arab Fashion Week is an important event in the Dubai calendar, and we are ready to welcome thousands of people to City Walk Dubai, as we celebrate the very best the city has to offer.”
The Arab Fashion Council was founded in 2014 in London as an international extraterritorial authority by a number of regional fashion pioneers. The organization has been working closely with international experts in order to elevate and position the Arab Fashion Week alongside the other big four fashion weeks taking place in New York (NYFW), London (LFW), Milan (MFW) & Paris (PFW). The concept of the event is not only to promote regional talent but also allow international designers to showcase their collections with a possibility of being licensed with an official Ready-Couture license.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Princess Diana Handbag Auctioned To Help Houston Flood Victims

Sale of Celebrity Designer Lana Marks’ Princess Diana Handbag to Benefit Houston Flood Victims

American Red Cross to benefit from handbag proceeds, which could top $20,000. Sept. 26 in Beverly Hills

Lana Marks, luxury accessories designer to celebrities and royalty and one of Princess Diana's closest friends, has exclusively produced an Emerald Green Princess Diana Handbag (est. $20,000+), which will be included in Heritage Auctions' Luxury Accessories Auction on Sept. 26 in Beverly Hills. All proceeds from this one-of-a-kind handbag will be donated to one of Princess Diana's favorite charities, the American Red Cross, to benefit children relocated to shelters after the historic and devastating flood affecting Houston, Texas. Lana Marks is currently producing only a very limited number of Princess Diana Handbags, and is completely sold out of alligator and crocodile versions in the United States. 

"Princess Diana was such an excellent person and good friend, and I know she would be thrilled to see us honoring her memory," Marks said. "She was so passionate about helping children around the world, and was active with the Red Cross. I have a relationship with the American Red Cross through my friendship with Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, who chairs the board, so it is a perfect match."

This dazzling tophandle handbag is crafted from the finest crocodile, tanned a rich emerald green hue, and the diamond heart is 3.22 carats of the very finest E color white diamonds, comprised of 225 stones, each individually set by hand on 18k yellow gold. The Princess Diana Handbag is one of Lana Marks' signature luxury handbags, and a limited number are made each year.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Influencer Marketing Trends For Luxury Brands In 2018

Influencer Marketing Trends For Luxury Brands In 2018

I’ve never really considered myself an “influencer’ until I received an email from a long time follower of my blog. In the message, a boy who’s in junior high school from Brazil, told me that he had a class assignment on writing about an “influential person who you look up to” – and he said he wrote about me for this essay. I was of course very flattered and thanked him for his support. At that moment, I also realized that we could all very well be influencers as long as we can present something out there that matters and would change the way the influenced think and make their decision.

As a blogger, I’ve worked with multiple different brands, including both essential and luxury products. How I engage my audience changes constantly, in part I think is due to the accelerating evolution of social media platforms. Sometimes it’s really difficult to know what strategy would work best for both you and the collaborator to enhance growth. Recently I participated a survey from Fashion & Beauty Monitor, which entails influencer-marketing trends for brands in 2018, mostly for the luxury sector. The survey consists of opinions and responses from over 300 different influencers and brands worldwide. Here are the result and breakdown based on the survey.

Creative control

Controlling the narrative of influencer-led campaigns is also proving “very challenging” or “quite challenging” for 59% luxury brands. Letting go of creative control is still a big risk for luxury brands, and requires a complete overhaul in mindset and culture. It demonstrates the importance of working with the right influencers who are already respectful of the brand, and who can be trusted with editorial freedom. Researching their previous endorsement history is another important consideration.

Going forward, we will see influencers negotiating partnerships and contracts more on their terms, taking the lead with artistic direction. For example, fashion influencer Camille Charrière was recently approached by Tommy Hilfiger to help promote its Gigi Hadid capsule collection, for a five-figure fee. Unconvinced by the brief, she negotiated complete freedom to do things her way, sourced a new photographer, art directed a fashion shoot on the streets of Paris, and styled the collection to her own taste.

Video content will rise in importance

Just 11% of luxury brands say that they plan to create more video content over the next 12 months, but this is a figure that will undoubtedly grow.  Brands like Chanel, for example, are using video to phenomenal effect, with its YouTube channel amassing more than 300 million viewers to date. It’s legendary ‘The one that I want’ video starring Gisele Bundchen, which launched Chanel into the social media universe is one of the most watched commercials of all time with almost 17.5 million views on YouTube. It’s videos offer beautifully flowing narrative, and increasingly feature rising social influencers who depict the Chanel brand as part of an aspirational lifestyle.

More than a third of luxury brands are expecting their influencer marketing budget to increase over the next year

Encouragingly, although in The New Face of Luxury report budget is cited as an obstacle to success for many luxury brands, 66% say they expect their budget to increase “moderately” or “significantly” over the next 12 months. This is a view shared by 47% of non-luxury brands.

Analyzing audience insights

When luxury brands were asked to rank what the single most important criteria for successful brand-influencer collaboration was, 44% said it was finding the right influencer. Yet when they listed their biggest challenges, finding the right match emerged on top. Perhaps because 78% of luxury brands admit they are still searching for influencers through social media manually, despite this being a time consuming, laborious process.

The coming months will see marketers get smarter about the identification process. Influencer audience data such as demographics, social listening, and brand affinities will be key in differentiating a big-budgeted influencer marketing campaign, from a successful one.

Influencer Victoria Magrath from InTheFrow says: “I would hope to see brands being more selective over their influencer choices, working on longer term campaigns that grow as the affiliation between the brand and influencer grows. Ideally it would follow the tradition of brand and model muse relationship. Brands with digital muse will most definitely access that digital audience that they need to build awareness.”

Managing influencer relationships

Almost one half of luxury brands (46%) expect to commit more resources to managing influencer relationships over the coming year. This compares with a far more modest 18% of fashion and beauty brands, indicating that the luxury sector is keen to explore the full potential of influencer marketing in the coming months.
20% of luxury brands expect to work more with micro-influencers

As brands grow their trust in social influencers, it seems likely that relationships will become longer term relationships and brands will also be more willing to hand over creative control to the influencer they’re collaborating with.

Within the luxury fashion and beauty sector, another likely shift will be increasing preference for collaborations with ‘micro-influencers’ who’ve established an exclusive niche for themselves via their opinions, viewpoints and subject matter expertise. The attraction won’t be their number of followers but rather their creative or artistic edge, and their devoted and authentic audience, which can translate into high rate of influence (ROI) for luxury brands.

According to Robin Shaw at Warm Street, it’s critical that brands don’t go blindly into these micro-influencer relationships, and particularly if they represent a music niche, for example, that is new to the brand. “You really need to understand the influencer and their market to get a meaningful ROI, and we spend most of our time researching and handpicking the right influencers for the brand or campaign. If an artist already buys into a brand that’s because they respect it, and likewise they want to be respected in the same way. You need to care about what they’re doing, know their objectives as an artist, how they are creatively drive etc. Understand that micro-influencers won’t compromise their nice for a quick buck.”

18% plan to begin working with influencer in new ways.

Over the next 12 months, 18% of luxury brands hope to be more experimental in the way they choose to work with influencers, trying out new formats and ways of partnering.

Louise Rumball, founder of Chapter Three, says: “I think we will start to see cross-collaborations between non-competitive luxury brands, i.e.: connecting an influencer with first class airline, typing up with a yacht brand or hotel as well as a luxury fashion brand, and letting them document their journey. Once brands start co-sponsoring content they can reach many more people for a reduced spend on content creation.”

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Bringing the Canadian Vibe To Sunny Florida Summer Essentials

Bringing the Canadian Vibe To Sunny Florida
Summer Essentials
(photos by: Paige T. Spence)
We’ve arrived mid-summer and I hope all of you had the opportunity to enjoy some sunny D. As for me, spending my first summer in Florida hasn’t been easy, especially when it comes to the heat and humidity. The positive side though is that there’s no lacking of outdoor activities and you can do them almost all year round. There are so many parks and campgrounds surrounded by tropical nature and wild life. It’s one of the best locations for outdoor enthusiasts. This season I am introducing Canadian aesthetics to sunny Florida, all designed in Canada:
Moose Knuckles spring/summer introduced the playful and quirky ‘moose face’ sweat shirt. It’s probably my favorite piece in the collection because of its unique design and something that’s really refreshing to see from the brand. And as of now, it also became one of my essentials in the closet. J

Where ever I go, whether it’s a day on a hiking trail or a short kayaking trip, I always carry my WillLand Outdoor backpack. 100% Canadian and I just love its organized multiple compartments design and functionality.

The 90’s tear away track pants are back and seem to be still going strong, as seen in various magazine editorials where they mix and match with outfits for the nostalgic look. I like to bring along a Canadian-made pair for style, but also just in case when it rains I had something to cover my legs or ‘tear away’ if it gets too hot in the afternoon.

Finally, I also like my plaid kimono shirt by Naked & Famous. The kimono style keeps my body cool during summer, and it’s another Canadian brand that speaks contemporary.

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