Sunday, September 18, 2016

Truth Or Dare - Apothic

Apothic - Truth Or Dare
I called it my interactive beverage California’s Apothic is one of my wine selections when it comes to hosting dinner parties or events. Perhaps it’s my obsession of full-bodied flavor, Apothic’s red and white fit the profile of sweetness that I crave, once in a while.

The name Apothic, comes from “Apotheca”, a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century in Europe. Apothic’s wine maker Debbie Juergenson uses only the most distinctive California grapes to create the unique style and taste.

I like Apothic red paired at a BBQ or roast party, and white at a casual family dinner serving a seafood extravaganza.
Trust me when I say Apothic is an interactive beverage. Their Truth Or Dare (white or red) campaign comes together as a card game kit – Challenge your guests at the party to share their secrets or perform hidden talents that could amaze everyone.

On top of the red and white, I like to end the night with Apothic Dark – the real treat to satisfy a fun evening. Infused with some of my favorite fruits, blueberry and blackberry, and opulent coffee and dark chocolate notes, it’s a wine of choice to serve with a slice of cake or a scoop gelato after dinner.
The truth is, I love any good social wine that could bring friends together to have a good time. And now I dare you to invite me, the fun one, next time at one of your parties.
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