Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Coming Soon: LOOK2016 with Adam Gopnik, Steve Martin and Lainey Lui

Coming Soon
LOOK2016 with Steve Martin, Adam Gopnik and Lainey Lui

The revolution of art + culture in Calgary, Contemporary Calgary’s annual fundraiser party LOOK2016 is back this fall on October 22nd 2016 at the Centennial Planetarium.

Expecting more than 700 participants to attend an evening filled with inspiring art showcases, live music and impactful conversations, this year’s event is a final farewell to the historic building before it gets a complete makeover into the city’s most influential art space.

“The response to LOOK2016 so far has been exceedingly positive. The feeling of momentum building is palpable and exciting. Without a question. LOOK2016 will be an extraordinary evening and have a monumental impact on the future of Contemporary Calgary and contemporary art in Calgary,” said Contemporary Calgary’s Director and CEO, Pierre Arpin. “It’s about more than just raising funds, which are obviously much needed; LOOK2016 will be the last time we gather together in the Centennial Planetarium before it undergoes a transformative renovation.”

This year’s VIP dinner/gala event brought back influential speaker, The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik AND a very special guest, the legendary performer Steve Martin. The host of the evening is one of my favorites, Lainey Lui, the founder of the entertainment website LaineyGossip.com and Co-host of CTV’s THE SOCIAL.

Lets not forget about the after-party, which we all know it’s going to be spectacular. Tickets for LOOK2016 and LOOK2016 After-Party are available at http://www.contemporarycalgary.com/whats-on/look2016. All funds raised will support the establishment of Calgary’s first significant public destination for modern and contemporary art, programming and the ongoing transformation of the Centennial Planetarium.

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