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PARKSHOWExpo To Reinvent The Business Of Canadian Fashion

PARKSHOWExpo To Reinvent The Business Of Canadian Fashion
The first ever tradeshow that dedicates to Canadian fashion culture and business – PARKSHOWExpo, is set to happen right after PARKSHOW 2017 in Calgary from February 27 to March 1 next year. A new project founded by the PARK organization and fashion entrepreneur Megan Szanik, PARKSHOWExpo will be the inaugural event that strives to bridge the gaps between fashion designers, brands, consumers and retailers.

“There are no current opportunities within Canada where all the members of the fashion industry can come together, and much less for the consumer or international retailers and distributors to access Canadian brands,” says Megan Szanik, “PARKSHOWExpo is flipping the traditional model on its head and putting Calgary on the map as a metropolitan hub where fashion is thriving as real business.”

More than 350 selected fashion brands and distributors are expected to showcase an elevated selection of Fall/Winter 2017 women’s and men’s ready to wear and accessories at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary. Both local and international distributors are welcomed to preview up-and-coming collections from exciting Canadian brands at the Expo, and individual buyers will also have direct access to in-season pieces by the Canadian designers at the PARK pop-up shop (PARKSHOP). As a part of the program, the Expo will feature arts, culinary and educational experiences that allow attendees from different parts of the world to get deeper glimpse into the culture of Calgary, beyond the oil tycoon and cowboy hats.

“In my 25 years experience of traveling the world of fashion trade shows, I feel it’s time for Canadian designers to be seen,” explains Everton McDougall, an established Sales Agent and Distributor for Press Play Not Pause LTD. “PARKSHOWExpo will attract people to Calgary to experience Candian fashion in a whole new way.”

The PARKSHOWExpo covers many aspects of Canadian produced talents – fashion, art and culture – which is a part of PARK organization’s philosophy over the years. It will be a great opportunity to exchange dialogues with like-minded fashion industry insiders and business experts. It’s also the chance for Canadian fashion to inspire the rest of the world. Here’s a brief schedule rundown of PARKSHOW and PARKSHOWExpo 2017:

Saturday February 25, 2017
-          PARKSHOP - The world’s biggest Canadian brand pop-up shop
-          PARKSHOW 2017 - An art and fashion exhibition celebrating Canadian designers and artists

Sunday February 26, 2017
-          PARKFORUM (Industry only) – Retailer and brand focused educational seminars lead by Canada’s most successful creative entrepreneurs
-          PARKSHOP
-          TOAST – A celebration event to welcome the fashion community to Calgary

Monday February 27, 2017
-          PARKSHOWExpo (industry only)
-          PARKSHOP

Tuesday February 28, 2017
-          PARKSHOWExpo (Industry only)
-          PARKSHOP

Wednesday March 1, 2017
-          PARKSHOWExpo (Industry only)
-          PARKSHOP
-          PARKSHOW Culinary – An evening celebrating the cultural elements of Canadian food, art and fashion

For more info, application and tickets please visit PARKSHOWExpo clicking below.

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