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Interview with Samantha Angelo - From Marine Corps To Fashion Connoisseur

Interview with Samantha Angelo
From Marine Corps To Fashion Connoisseur
(photos: The Eye Travels)
During one of my visits in Europe for fashion week, Samantha Angelo and I were on the same flight flying from London to Milan. Her tall and elegant figure, as well as her unpretentious sense of style caught my eyes. At the Stella Jean show we bumped into each other again. Samantha came and introduced herself. She complimented my turquoise-color hair at the time. I confessed that I recognized her at the airport and loved her pink hair. After our brief conversation, my impression of Samantha is that she is a very artistic individual with a great persona. This is evident through her exquisite fashion-travel blog The Eye Travels, where she documents her journey at different locations in beautiful clothes. Her photos capture the essence of her travel experience accompanied by her unique sense of style that completes the story. After a brief conversation, I found out that she had only started her blog little less than two years ago. In a short amount of time, she has gained a strong fan-base and followers. What surprises me more however, is that she used to be in the U.S. Marine Corps as a professional clarinetist. She was a member of the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band. Her story is similar to mine in some ways - While I pursued my career in cancer research, I also found my love of fashion, and Samantha realizes her passion in fashion after she has made significant accomplishment as a musician. It warms my heart every time when I find a kindred spirit, especially when both of us are travelers to a foreign country. Our eyes traveler, Samantha Angelo, is definitely one of the rising stars to watch.

What made you start your blog, and why do you love fashion?

“I started the blog about two years ago while I was still in the Marine Corps, it was only for family and close friends in the beginning, a way of showing and telling them about my travels. At the time I was a clarinetist in the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band, a title I held for 8 years before deciding to move to New York City with my husband and pursue my other passion, which outside of music is the visual arts in terms of fashion.

It was Diana Vreeland who inspired the name and intention of the blog. I’ve always been drawn to fashion's ephemeral nature. I’m fascinated by all it encompasses. From the vision of a designer to the way in which something becomes a trend and how/who determines what is considered current and cool. It keeps my attention the same way learning new music and playing with different musicians preoccupied me.”
Three words to describe you sense of style or aesthetic

“Unpredictable. Individual. Intuitive.”

In your own words, what does it mean to have a sense of style?

“To have a sense of style is to be confidant in who you are and to have a keen understanding of your self. “

Who is your all time favorite fashion designer(s) and why?

“I think Alexander McQueen has to be one of my all time favorites, he created beautifully frightening works of art. Raw and supremely original. His pieces evoke emotion.”
Currently, which emerging fashion label do you think will be a breakthrough?

“Vetements, it’s been absolutely amazing to watch how this label headed by Demna Gvasalia has swept the fashion world in two short seasons. The message and the clothing resonate with people. The brand really represents the essence of cool wearable street style at the moment.”

How do you go about deciding your outfit of the day? Is there a specific sequence? What comes to mind first?

“When I begin putting an outfit together it is totally based on my location, the weather and my current mood. I would say the place and activities of the day are the first things that come to mind. There is a perfect time and place for every outfit, knowing when to wear something is just as important as knowing how to wear it.”
What is your most memorable moment in fashion?

“Last September I was invited to Pyre Moss's runway show, I believe this was his first women’s collection that he was showing along side the men’s collection. I was invited backstage to see the collection and take some photos. While I was back there admiring the clothes all of a sudden the director of the show came up to me and asked me who I was, before I knew it I had a team of people changing my clothes and doing my hair and makeup. The director decided he wanted me to walk in the show and it was starting in 5 minutes! It was a surreal experience; I love the excitement and pure chaos back stage at a fashion show. I feed off of that energy and adrenaline, especially in unknown and spontaneous situations.”

What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects you like to share with us?

“I’m thrilled to be visiting Iceland for a week in July to shoot some amazing editorial work.”

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