Monday, March 28, 2016

Sylvio Giardina's Tangram: SEVEN

Sylvio Giardina Reveals Tangram Geometry In FW16 Collection

I remembered when I was a child in primary school, the teacher taught us the basics of geometry using the “tangram” device, which is an ancient Chinese puzzle obtained by dissecting a square into seven geometric shapes. We were given the challenge to use our imagination and create objects or animals bound by the mathematics of these shapes. Paris-based designer Sylvio Giardina uses the “pulling apart to recreate”concept of a tangram and gives it a new light for his FW16 collection, called SEVEN.

Contrary to Giardina’s previous dark and mysterious imageries, SEVEN adapts a modern-fantasy vibe. The collection is conceived on the definition of geometric shapes, yearning to break with strict rules in order to build dynamic geometries and ever-changing volumes. “Irregular cuts outline essential lines, asymmetrical hems and necklines of knit and satin dresses or trace velvet and vinyl intarsia on outerwear and slip dresses, reproducing alluring architectures.

As for colour palette, FW16 season is focused on black, blue and dove rendered on shiny fabrics such as satin, knit and jersey, or are matched with velvet lace brocade and neoprene-knit. It gives an overall feel of edgy minimalism, dazzled with feminine elegance. Geometric shape-defined accessories, by default are needed to complete the tangram-ideology. “The earrings evoke small constellations and the peculiar brooches on the outfits give way to edgy shapes”, arousing not only the wearer’s creativity, but also channeling the fantastic retro-60’s mod motifs. 

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