Monday, March 28, 2016

Binzento's Journal: Theatre Grand JUNCTION - La Nuit Savauge

Theatre Grand JUNCTION
La Nuit Savauge
 (photos by: Binzento using iPhone6S)
Here’s a story that happened about a week and half ago – ALWAYS trust that the artsy folks could throw an amazing party, even during tough times. It was a dark and mysterious night full of wonders… We were encouraged to unleash our inner curiosity and playfulness at La Nuit Savauge, the very first fundraiser event for Theatre Grand JUNCTION - a non-profit organization which has been one of the pivotal organs of Calgary’s live art performances and creation.

The level of ‘fun’ at La Nuit Savauge wildly exceeded my expectation. Aside from being entertained by mysterious performances throughout the evening, I am particularly mesmerized by the amount of effort people have invested in their ‘vintage steam-punk’ and ‘night circus’ inspired costumes. And lets talk about where the party was at – the 104 year-old preserved historic GRAND theatre – it just couldn’t get any better.

Most importantly though, we want to help raise money for Theatre Grand JUNCTION so that it can continue to do its great work elevating the art and culture scene of Calgary. I was moved to see many supporters and sponsors at the event. One of them even commented that he “never expected a party like this would be happening in Calgary...this is like a party you would go to in New York”. A congratulations to the Theatre Grand JUNCTION and La Nuit Savauge planning committee team for their months of hard work of organizing and Boom Goes The Drum event crew for making this fantasy a reality!

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