Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2016 Nominees Announced

Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2016 Nominees Announced
(Images: @cafawards; Instagram) 
The biggest night of the year celebrating Canadian talents in the fashion industry, the 3rd annual Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2016 (CAFA) is scheuled to happen on April 16th 2016. A total of sixteen awards will be given that evening at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. And today, CAFA hs announced each of the category's nominees. I am thrilled that some of my friends are among the list: 

Greta Constantine, Lucian Matis, LINE, Pink Tartan for The Womenswear Designer of the Year Award 
wings+horns, Christopher Bates, Frank & Oak for The Menswear Designer of the Year Award 

Matthew Gallagher, UNTTLD, 3.PARADIS, Beaufille for The Award for Emerging Talent, Fashion  

Arc Jewellery/ Lina Hu, Sully Wong, Daniel Christian Tang, Lauren Klassen for The Award for Emerging Talent, Accessories  

Dean Davidson, WANT Les Essentials, Jenny Bird, Alan Andersn for The Accessory Designer of the Year Award  

Richard Bernardin, Gabor Jurina, Maxabadian, Arkan Zakharov for The Image Maker Award  

Thomas Tait, Tanya Taylor, Jason Wu for The International Canadian Designer of the Year Award  
Juliana Schiavinatto, George Antonopoulos, Annie Horth for The Stylist of the Year Award  

Kirsten Owen, Heather Marks, Herieth Paul, Crista Cober for The Model of the Year Award  
The Coveteur, The Haute Pursuit, Beckerman Blog for The Fashion Blogger of the Year Award  
Adam Butcher, Stephanie Lyne, Emma Genier, Malik Lindo for The Fresh Face of the Year Award 
Sidebuy, Stylekick, Frank & Oak for The Fashion Innovation Award  

Laura Siegel, obakki, Brown Shoes for The Fashion Impact Award 

Hamish Thwaites from Ryerson University, Meghan Buckley from Vancouver Community College, Patricia Nicolas from UQAM Montreal, Tricia Crivellaro from UQAM Montreal for The Fashion Design Student Award  

Congratulations to all nominees – Looking forward to seeing you all at CAFA 2016.

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Defining An Online "Influencer"

 Defining An "Influencer" 
Words & Analysis by Fashion Beauty Monitor

Influencers have been around for as long as marketing has been, but historically, they would have been the press, owned media, celebrities and other well-known and well- respected figures. Today, the social media space, and particularly the blogosphere and YouTube, are nurturing the talents of a new breed of influencer, who can very often come from nowhere, and over a fairly short period of time, amass thousands, to millions upon millions of followers.

These ‘new’ influencers are, in a nutshell, content creators, who wield their influence through their independence of opinions and personality, and ultimately their social clout. While they might be collaborating with a brand, and nowadays often be receiving substantial payment or incentive in order to write or talk about them, they ultimately have final say over what they create and publish.
As one might expect, the millennial generation is nurturing many of these new ‘influencers’. Wishing to understand more about the media consumption habits of this generation of consumers, The Economist worked with Bloom Worldwide to survey nearly 90,000 millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers (who fell within the 18-35 age range). The research found a high ratio of this generation to be active, interested and entrepreneurial. Nick Blunden, global managing director of The Economist, calls this subset “Gen-Narrators”. Speaking in an interview with Adweek, he describes them as “a cohort of influencers who both are sophisticated media consumers whose reach is coveted by not only media companies but also brands...They curate, they consume and they create. And that’s what makes them influencers,” Blunden explains. “They don’t just take on broad information, they DJ with it. They remix it and send it out.”

When talking about such influencers, often it’s the top tier bloggers or vloggers who find themselves central to the conversation. Just as any fashion or beauty brand would like to find themselves on the front page of Vogue or Esquire, within the Influencer Marketing space there’s often the desire to be connected with influencers such as Zoella, The Londoner, British Beauty Blogger or those of similar calibre. But this is a myth that needs to be debunked, particularly as it may be deterring some brands from embarking on an Influencer Marketing strategy.
Increasingly, brands are recognising that Influencer Marketing isn’t just for those with deep pockets. There are different kinds and scales of influencers, and it doesn’t necessarily follow that the biggest influencers will reap the best rewards for a brand. Even if they are A-list, the impact an influencer can have on one brand will be different from the next depending on how good the fit is. For some smaller brands, the best opportunities might lie with those who represent an uptapped genre of influence, such as industry experts, journalists, professors or simply new bloggers who haven’t yet reached the point of earning a living through their influence.

Anna-Marie Solowij, founder of online beauty retailer BeautyMART, says “an influencer is anyone who has the power and profile to make a difference to our opinion or that of our customers. She explains, “credibility is of ultimate importance. Someone may have a million social media followers but if they don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re irrelevant to a brand’s followers then those numbers have very little real value. We have seen big numbers in social media campaigns where the uptake in terms of sales conversion has been very low. Many influencers have teenage audiences who are not necessarily active consumers.”

Moving forward, as Influencer Marketing matures, we’re likely to see brands moving away from commercial objectives, to focus more on the quality of content being produced. This will require true collaboration between the influencer and the brand, and a two-way stream of content across social channels. While it’s understandable that the majority of marketers see product launch as a key benefit of Influencer Marketing right now, it’s not always what an audience wants to hear, or what an influencer wants to work with. As priorities evolve, it also seems likely that influencers will increasingly reach out to brands too, initiating the opportunity to work together. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RE;CODE - Defining 'Cool' Sustainable Fashion

RE;CODE - Defining 'Cool' Sustainable Fashion
DISTRIBUTE + SHARE = RE;CODE, which makes incredible pieces for the urban and eco-friendly stylish personality. Based in Korea, RE;CODE garments utilize repurposed materials to breath new life into industrial and military fabrics to create elegant and functional clothing. The silhouettes are strong and incorporate details that stand out. “Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be limited and boring” – As RE;CODE shows, you can be environmentally conscious and still looks cool.

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Introducing MODEMENT FW16/17

Discover the MODEMENT 
Hong Kong-based label MODEMENT has recently launched in Paris, the collection utilizes a moody monochromatic color palette of stark white, ink black and sandy hues. Since its debut in 2010, MODEMENT focuses on shapes that are at once sleek and voluminous while incorporating light layers to illicit movement. 

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Youth Milk Is SO HOT Right Now - ZOOLANDER 2 Viral Clip - Youth Milk Commercial (2016) w/ Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig Stars In This Hilarious Promotional Clip For Zoolander

Ha! I was a young teenager when I first saw the movie Zoolander, starring Ben Stiller as the "ridiculously good-looking" Derek Zoolander. The hilarious movie making-fun of the modeling and fashion industry had became one of the cult classics of our time. The long waited sequel Zoolander 2 will hit theatres next month. Stay tuned on Binzento Vincente as I am preparing a special blog post dedicated to this movie before it opens. To get a taste of the upcoming film, here's a hilarious (and kinda creepy) promo video of Kristen Wiig for the 'Youth Milk' Commercial :p

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