Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Binzento’s Journal: Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century

Binzento’s Journal
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century
 (photos by: Binzento)
Jack Daniel's National Brand Ambassador John Breckon

Back in November, I was invited to the Jack Daniel’s whiskey tasting event at National on 10th.

Jack Daniel's has always been Frank Sinatra’s favorite go-to whiskey. In honor of this iconic entertainer and for his 100th birthday celebration, Jack Daniel's produced the most limited Tennesse whiskies ever released, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century. Bottled from only 100 hand-selected, distinctively crafted barrels, this exclusive release is packaged in a beautifully designed collector’s box along with an USB key containing an unreleased Sinatra soundtrack.

I'm not exactly a whiskey expert, but the main characteristic that attracts me in to drinking whiskey is its smoothness. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century carries a complex, but delicate flavor that no matter if one enjoys whiskey or not they’ll know that this is definitely a top-notch drink. The ‘secret’ behind Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century lies within their special barrels, which “the interior grooves of the barrel coax the whiskey to a greater depths of white oak, imparting Sinatra Century with a robust and refined taste.” While some people love to create signature cocktails with this fine whiskey, I prefer it neat in a glass or with water so it doesn’t mask the hidden pleasant smokiness and lingering notes from the charred barrel.

In addition to Sinatra Century, I was also introduced to Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. By far still, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century was the highlight of the show. Jack Daniel’s National Brand Ambassador John Breckon presented some of the most interesting facts that I didn’t know before about Jack Daniel’s products and the man himself (such as his short height :-)).

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century is now available in selected airports worldwide (Whoop! Go duty free!).

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#SavingsSecrets at CrossIron Mills - Black Friday Avant Christmas

#SavingsSecrets at CrossIron Mills
Black Friday Avant Christmas

T’was the holiday season, it’s the busiest time of year where we celebrate the most joyous moments with friends and family. To me it’s also the time for an annual reflection of all the things you’ve done in 2015.  Whether if I’ve succeeded my goals, all that matters to me is that I’ve worked hard and I survived another year.

To reward myself, I took the challenge and participated my first ever Black Friday shopping experience at CrossIron Mills. Hey, with this economy I can only justify gifting myself if I utilize my #SavingsSecrets skills!

With many holiday parties coming up, I needed to find some festive wear --- Here’s what I found at CrossIron Mills to complete my holiday party outfit for just under $250:

Nothing screams ‘old school Christmas fashion’ than an ugly Christmas sweater. Definitely not a thing when I was in Asian, ugly Christmas sweater has become of the must-have wardrobe for the festive tradition. With now more creative and colorful designs by various retail brands, it’s no longer an ‘accident’ wearing a sweater looking like it’s from you grandma’s closet. During the exciting Black Friday weekend, I got the one of best deals for an ugly sweater. Found at the International Clothiers boutique for $20. I picked this ‘Santa fails going down the chimney’ piece, as I loved the blue. There are other graphics available: reindeers, snowman, and silent night.

Next I found my pair of black skinny fit denim at Urban Planet – Their Urban Black label line is by far one of my favorite – With monochromatic, minimal and urban-sporty designs that are easy to wear and very versatile. Their Black Friday deal was buy one item from this collection and you get to pick two more items for free!! I ended up getting the black denim, an oversized sweater and shirt.

I’ve been looking for a new jacket for fall/winter – Something that’s stylish for one season. The H&M bomber-style long jacket has always been on my wish list. I was stoked when I saw it on sale during Black Friday weekend with an additional 30% off!

Hey! Did you know the new Nike Factory Store is now opened at CrossIron Mills? During their grand opening Black Friday weekend, I found this exclusive pair of metallic-green Nike for little over $100. Their active-wear and sports-tee were also on sale for 3 for $15.

This entire look, which I purchased during Black Friday weekend at CrossIron, was the perfect outfit for my holiday party event with my colleagues. Now that I’ve done a little Christmas shopping for myself, I have a couple more weeks left to decide on what to bring for my friends and family, as I’ll be preparing to spend my Christmas this year in Chicago with travel blogger Transnomadic, so stay tuned! In the mean time, I like to thank all my readers for another wonderful year. Binzento Vincente can not be what it is today without your love and support. It has also been a great pleasure to be collaborating with CrossIron Mills this year as one of their style panel members. Mercibeaucoup!! Here Binzento wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a VERY Happy New Year to come. xo

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Monday, December 21, 2015

BOULEZAR SS16 - Comfy Couture Reinterpretation

A Comfortable Reinterpretation
Handmade with love in Germany, Munich-based brand Boulezar celebrates the traits of quality, comfort and style. Its latest SS16 collection mixes sport and comfort, providing the sense of lightness and fluidity while keeping in mind the element of polished quality. Minimalistic, contempoary and timless designs are crafted using Italian and Japanese fabrics, with the intention to outlive temporary vogue and seasonal trends. Simple lines and reduce cuts are used to visually and physically undelrine the longevity of Boulezar garments. It is "made for the woman or man who is ready for an eclectic lifestyle but will not sacrifice luxury, even when dressed comfortably".

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

MERRILL + FORBES SS16 - Defining The Modern Man On The Go

Defining The Modern Man On The Go
"The modern man on the go is always after clothing that is functional, stylish and uncomplicated", that is what New York based brand MERRILL + FORBES has definied, according to their vision, in the latest SS16 collection.

"Urban and sophistication" is the inspiration - The ready-to-wear collection is tailored for active working class men, as evident with the sporty appeal of the designs. Pieces such as the 'Inside Out Pocket Trousers', 'High Cuff Joggers', 'Harem Shorts', 'Cropped Jumpsuits' and 'Turtleneck Lab Top' are created for jet-setting gents who aren't shy being fashion forward and making a personal style statement where ever they go. It is something that defines the works of MERRILL + FORBES, the brand that "goes towards the contemporary and creative spaces and has no plans to slow down".

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