Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2015

Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2015
 (photos by: Binzento)
The Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign celebrates the diverse cultures of Calgary. Every year, Fashion Calgary selects incredible individuals (artists, musicians, writers, TV personalities, philanthropists, culinary chefs…) who represent and have contributed their unique talents to shape this city to become ‘cultural ambassadors’. The 2015 portrait campaign gala was recently held at Jack Singer Concert Hall, where all of this year’s portraits were revealed and displayed. This year Fashion Calgary selected 26 cultural ambassadors including Sheldon Kennedy, Jay Ingram, Kris Demeanor, Cheryl Bernard, Chad Oakes, Ellen Doty and Atsushi Ono. Portions received from silent auctions and donations goes to the Pediatric Imaging Research Program which is part of the Brain Health Division at the Alberta Children’s Hospital
For more details of the portrait campaign, visit Fashion Calgary's page HERE.

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