Monday, June 15, 2015

Infinity - Quality. Contempoary. Luxury.

Infinity Textiles
Quality. Contempoary. Luxury.
(photos by: Michel Comte)
Whilst my visit in Milan couple seasons ago, coincidently I met Mr. Sammy Voigt who was there for Fashion Week and also stayed at my hotel. Well dressed in his sartorial ensemble and displayed perfectly groomed hair, it was a no-brainer that I had to capture Voigt’s style with my camera.  We exchanged contact, spoke again over a coffee meeting, and that’s when I discovered the line of work he does – textile designs. Two seasons later I am introduced to Infinity, a luxurious textile-accessories brand that Voigt has recently established – Fine quality scarves, pocket squares and bowties made with exquisite Italian fabric including silk and cashmere.

Attracted to geometric shapes and aesthetics, the design for the current season is inspired by Piet Mondrian, bold and contrasting colors that speak complexity within minimalistic patterns. Bold ideas are incorporated also using geometric shapes to interpret floral and dot designs – A style that adds refreshing spring vibes.

Infinity has already shown its collection twice, in Paris, for both men and women fashion weeks. Since its debut, it has received many positive feedbacks. The collection can be found being sold in Berlin, Paris, Cannes, Los Angeles, Kiev, Monte Carlo and Taiwan. Voigt’s next big move will be a collaboration project with Paris’ Maison Fabre – Working together combining Maison Fabre’s expertise on superior-quality fabric making, alongside with Voigt’s distinctive designs and a new technology that Infinity has developed. This new technology entails the Save The Water initiative – An eco-conscious program that Voigt is currently passionate about. Using less water and chemicals to produce textiles, but instead reverting back to the original root of human invention by taking natural protein as dyes for staining fabric. This process has been revised with modern technology that Voigt is taking pride of. “It’s the quality and story, that’s what makes this (Infinity) sells” said Voigt. “The challenge is doing the right thing at the right moment” he added. Personally, the Save The Water project is promptly living-in-time with the growing popularity of the eco-conscious concept and sustainable fashion movement.

As for this upcoming season, Voigt said his next collection would take us a tour into the Art Deco universe, visually capturing audience with bold colors and organic motifs. The first-ever Infinity collection for women is also underway – Until then, we’ll just have to patiently wait.

You can also read my Chinese version of this article about Infinity on Elite Gen Magazine~

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