Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hullabaloo 2015

Honens 2nd Annual Hullabaloo Party
(photos by: Binzento)
Honens, a Calgary-based non-profit organization that supports, searches and develops talented international pianists hosted their 2nd annual fundraiser party Hullabaloo inside Telus Spark Science Centre this past weekend.  The organization launches the careers of young concert pianists, or what they describe the ‘Complete Pianists’, through the Honens International Piano Competition.

The Hullabaloo event is one of its kinds, expanding Honens’ musical realm to outreaching the local community and celebrate the diverse cultures we have in Calgary. It also engages with the next generation of professionals, and focuses on bringing awareness of Honens’ prestigious international presence back to its hometown.

My team Vinegar Designs Lab felt honored to be a part of promoting the Hullabaloo event this year. We’d produced four promotional videos for this event, hoping to recruit even more young audiences to get to know better about the Honens organization.

This year’s theme was inspired by ‘1973 gritty-underground New York City’. The venue was stationed with well-recognized ‘districts’ of New York, such as the Meat Packing District, Garment District etc…

A successful event, Hullabaloo brought together some of the most exciting local restaurants to participate the party. We all got a chance to sample really delicious and creative culinary art.

The party wouldn’t go without music of course – the general admission audience got to experience the performance of Lou Reed’s ‘Transformer’ album by Jim Bryson, Kellylee Evans, Lee Harvey Osmand, and the special appearance of 2014 Honens ProAm winner Thomas Au. If you were an early VIP guest, there was music of Philip Glass and Steve Reich and performance by pianist Dmitry Nesterov, Kenna Burima interview of Rolling Stone Magazine critic and author Will Hermes, and live auction.

We all had a great time that evening, and thank you Honens for having us at the Hullabaloo. The 2015 Festival & Piano Competition will be happening on September 3rd to 12th – Make sure to check it out, as their tickets are on sale now

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