Monday, June 15, 2015

CrossIron Mills x Binzento Savings Secrets Style Panel

CrossIron Mills x Binzento
Savings Secrets Style Panel
(Season One)
I am very excited to announce that Binzento is collaborating with Alberta’s largest enclosed, single level shopping centre CrossIron Mills as one of the fashion bloggers on their latest 2015 campaign: Savings Secrets Style Panel! Each season, I will be selecting fashion pieces from the retailers of CrossIron Mills, and do style post of my personal look!

To me, “Savings Secrets” is all about being able to pull off a unique sense of style that speaks your personality, while still being able to work within your budget. For everyday wear, I often like to look for multiple ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that are versatile and can be interchanged with each other to create different fashion stories. Being creative is the key – with so many retailers in one place like the CrossIron Mills, there is definitely something that will work. Try to spend some time and explore different stores, keep the ‘mix-and-matching’ idea in mind to complete your desirable everyday look.

Get the entire look at CrossIron Mills for under $200

Floral button shirt – FOREVER 21
Denim short  (510) – Levi’s
‘Cola’ can cross-body bag and accessories – Aldo Accessories
Cap – Adidas
Skateboard – Mine, but from West49 at CrossIron Mills :)

My spring/summer aesthetic

We are blessed this month in Calgary with beautiful weather. Spring and summer fashion is the time of year for vibrant, energetic, lively and colorful patterns. We have been seeing from many fashion houses trending the flashback 70’s-vibe on the runway - That means dramatic patterns, hippie-luxe florals, suede, fringing galore and denim. Here, my style for this spring/summer is not shy of mixed prints, specially a well-characterized floral pattern. Denim is versatile for casual looks, Levi’s denim shorts are always one of my favorites. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you can’t be sporty. With the sport-luxe vibe still strong, you can even wear your button up shirt with track pants, as long as they are the right pairing (prints, color palette). I always like to complete my look with accessories. Your accessories choice parallels your personality, so you can be creative.

Make sure to follow other fellow bloggers and their take on their spring/summer favs – Show us YOUR Savings Secrets on social media and make sure to use hashtags #CrossIronMills and #SavingsSecrets.


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