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Binzento’s Journal: ChefBar x YYC Bloggers Denim Party!

Binzento’s Journal: 
ChefBar x YYC Bloggers Denim Party!
We’ve really been blessed with an enormous amount of sunshine this weekend here in YYC. And I mean it when I say “blessed” – All Calgarians know that we really only have two seasons of real heat each year: July and August. With this short amount of summer, we make sure to take every opportunity to soaked ourselves with Vitamin D, perhaps sit outside on a patio, ‘chillax’ with an iced-cold cocktail.

A new local eatery concept called ChefBar was recently launched in YYC. Founded by Executive Chef Shaun Desaulniers, the restaurant is located above The Gerry Thomas Gallery, in the Beltline downtown, an artsy district part of the city.

An intimate size restaurant, ChefBar has an opened space concept with a killer patio and comfy seats. The restaurant reminds me a lot of the local eatery places I’ve been to in Europe and in Hong Kong. Now that our annual Western-festive, Calgary Stampede is just around the corner, I think it’s the perfect time to host a denim-theme-inspired summer party with my most beloved YYC fashion bloggers at ChefBar.

Me and fellow bloggers @AniaB, @KatieMarks, @LifeSetSail, @AnnekeForbes, @GarmannL, the @Styleista_ca girls, @Sassianne, @Alyvelji and @PaulConradSchneider will be dressed full-on denim in style on June 30th, while ChefBar will prepare for us some of its most tasty dishes on the menu, as well as cocktail pairings from mixologist Brice Peresssini. And because it’s  ‘fashion bloggers’, I am sure each one of them will have their own unique aesthetic and style. Be sure to stay in touch on our social media for our denim-style photos with hashtags #ChefBarYYC and #ChefBarDenimParty. x

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Constellation Africa, The Pitti Immagine x Ethical Fashion Initiative

Constellation Africa
The Pitti Immagine x Ethical Fashion Initiative
(photos: ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative)
To confirm the vastness and quality of international participants in Pitti Uomo, over the past few seasons the Fondazione Pitti Discovery has been setting aside a special area for the rising stars on the world’s economic and creative stage with the Guest Nation project. This edition, in cooperation with the ITC ETHICAL FASHION INITIATIVE, a special event focusing on fashion from Africa called “Constellation Africa”, was held to promote young and talented designers from the continent.

Dent de Man, MaXhosa by Laduma, Orange Culture and Projecto Mental had just showcased their Spring/Summer 2016 collections at Dogana in Florence at Pitti Uomo 88.

These were the first menswear brands selected and supported by ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative for its African Designer Programme.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative thanks Pitti Immagine for making the show an immense success highlighting the creative and contemporary fashion culture emanating from the African continent. 

“The Constellation Africa show demonstrated that Africa has its space on the global fashion scene. Africa is present in the imaginary of fashion worldwide and for a long time fashion has sourced inspiration from Africa. But today, this is not what matters: this show presented four collections with international creativity and design. We believe Africa is the land of innovation for human kind.” Simone Cipriani, Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

SS16 Collection and About the designers: 

MaXhosa by Laduma // Laduma Ngxokolo from South Africa 
MaXhosa by Laduma is a South African knitwear brand founded in 2010 by Laduma Ngxokolo. The South African Xhosa manhood initiation ritual practiced by amakrwala was behind the launch of the brand as Laduma sought to create Xhosa-inspired modern knitwear that would be suitable for this tradition. Since, the Xhosa aesthetic has come to be part of the DNA of the knitwear brand as Laduma has explored and reinterpreted traditional Xhosa beadwork, patterns, symbolism and colours to inspire his modern knitwear line. Through his work, Laduma is an agent of change, shifting and evolving with the changing times and further engaging in the dialogue that keeps pushing traditional culture toward the future. 

ORANGE CULTURE // Adebayo Oke-Lawal from Nigeria 
Orange Culture is a contemporary menswear brand created by Nigerian designer Adebyo Oke-Lawal in 2011. The brand combines classic and contemporary western silhouettes with an Afraican edge. Orange Clture fuses Nigerian silhouettes, print fabrics and contemporary urban streetwear. Orange Culture is more than a clothing line, it is a "movement" for a creative class of men that are "self-aware, expressive, exploraive, and art-loving nomads." Orange Culture has been featured by top fashion magazines and was recently shortlisted by Vogue Talents for Africa for LVMH's 2014 Young Fashion Designer Prize.

PROJECTO MENTAL // Tekasala Ma’at Nzinga & Shunnoz Fiel from Angola 
Projecto Mental is an Angolan fashion brand, founded in 2004 by creative duo Shunnoz Fiel & Tekasala Ma’at Nzinga, which fuses fashion and art. The brand was created in the aftermath of the civil war as a platform to help reshape Angola's cultural identity, after the country was ravaged by decades of civil war. Suits with an experimental twist are the signature item of the Projecto Mental brand. Projecto Mental takes an avant-garde approach to tailoring as the designers re-imagine and re-invent the traditional suit for men and women. Strong block colours combined with prints & patterns bring boldness to each design. 

DENT DE MAN // Alexis Temomanin from Ivory Coast & UK 
Dent de Man is a menswear brand created in 2012 by British-Ivorian designer, Alexis Temomanin. Dent de Man’s approach to luxury style is defined by a mix of classic tailoring with colourful patterned fabric. The Dent de Man lifestyle is defined by freedom, quality and “esth├ętisme”, empowering individuals to dress for themselves. Self-expression is core to Dent de Man’s philosophy. The brand prides itself on the use of vintage fabrics and celebration of ancient printing techniques, Dent de Man adapts decadent and bold Java prints forming unique garments that allow individuals to own distinctive and irreplaceable pieces. All Dent de Man fabric is carefully sourced and possesses its own story and meaning.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Binzento's Journal: Monogram® Dinner by Design

Monogram® Dinner by Design
(photos by: Binzento)
‘High-concept design meets haute cuisine’, Monogram® Dinner by Design has set foot in Calgary for the very first time at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Co-founded by GE Monogram® appliances and The Social Conceige, The Monogram® Dinner by Design events have already inspired other Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. The Calgary’s edition brought 10 acclaimed and talented designers from interior design, architecture and event design studios to create, without the imagination boundary, artistic and fantastical tablescapes. Some of these designers/studios include: Connie Young Design, I-D Bohemia, Amanada Hamilton, Alykhan Velji, Nyla Free Designs and Corea SotropaEach tablescape exhibits unique flavor, concept and aesthetic. One could only imagine a whole different dining experience from one table to another. A cocktail reception was held the night before the big dinner event where attendees got to sit at one of these tablescapes to enjoy a multi-course feast and wine expereince curated by Leslie Echino – Owner/ Wine Director of Blink Restaurant. My particular favorite tablescapes were Alykhan Velji’s contemporary garden pavilion and Amanda Hamilton’s Clue/Harry Potter reference classic mansion house candle-light dinner table.

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CrossIron Mills x Binzento Savings Secrets Style Panel

CrossIron Mills x Binzento
Savings Secrets Style Panel
(Season One)
I am very excited to announce that Binzento is collaborating with Alberta’s largest enclosed, single level shopping centre CrossIron Mills as one of the fashion bloggers on their latest 2015 campaign: Savings Secrets Style Panel! Each season, I will be selecting fashion pieces from the retailers of CrossIron Mills, and do style post of my personal look!

To me, “Savings Secrets” is all about being able to pull off a unique sense of style that speaks your personality, while still being able to work within your budget. For everyday wear, I often like to look for multiple ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that are versatile and can be interchanged with each other to create different fashion stories. Being creative is the key – with so many retailers in one place like the CrossIron Mills, there is definitely something that will work. Try to spend some time and explore different stores, keep the ‘mix-and-matching’ idea in mind to complete your desirable everyday look.

Get the entire look at CrossIron Mills for under $200

Floral button shirt – FOREVER 21
Denim short  (510) – Levi’s
‘Cola’ can cross-body bag and accessories – Aldo Accessories
Cap – Adidas
Skateboard – Mine, but from West49 at CrossIron Mills :)

My spring/summer aesthetic

We are blessed this month in Calgary with beautiful weather. Spring and summer fashion is the time of year for vibrant, energetic, lively and colorful patterns. We have been seeing from many fashion houses trending the flashback 70’s-vibe on the runway - That means dramatic patterns, hippie-luxe florals, suede, fringing galore and denim. Here, my style for this spring/summer is not shy of mixed prints, specially a well-characterized floral pattern. Denim is versatile for casual looks, Levi’s denim shorts are always one of my favorites. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you can’t be sporty. With the sport-luxe vibe still strong, you can even wear your button up shirt with track pants, as long as they are the right pairing (prints, color palette). I always like to complete my look with accessories. Your accessories choice parallels your personality, so you can be creative.

Make sure to follow other fellow bloggers and their take on their spring/summer favs – Show us YOUR Savings Secrets on social media and make sure to use hashtags #CrossIronMills and #SavingsSecrets.


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Infinity - Quality. Contempoary. Luxury.

Infinity Textiles
Quality. Contempoary. Luxury.
(photos by: Michel Comte)
Whilst my visit in Milan couple seasons ago, coincidently I met Mr. Sammy Voigt who was there for Fashion Week and also stayed at my hotel. Well dressed in his sartorial ensemble and displayed perfectly groomed hair, it was a no-brainer that I had to capture Voigt’s style with my camera.  We exchanged contact, spoke again over a coffee meeting, and that’s when I discovered the line of work he does – textile designs. Two seasons later I am introduced to Infinity, a luxurious textile-accessories brand that Voigt has recently established – Fine quality scarves, pocket squares and bowties made with exquisite Italian fabric including silk and cashmere.

Attracted to geometric shapes and aesthetics, the design for the current season is inspired by Piet Mondrian, bold and contrasting colors that speak complexity within minimalistic patterns. Bold ideas are incorporated also using geometric shapes to interpret floral and dot designs – A style that adds refreshing spring vibes.

Infinity has already shown its collection twice, in Paris, for both men and women fashion weeks. Since its debut, it has received many positive feedbacks. The collection can be found being sold in Berlin, Paris, Cannes, Los Angeles, Kiev, Monte Carlo and Taiwan. Voigt’s next big move will be a collaboration project with Paris’ Maison Fabre – Working together combining Maison Fabre’s expertise on superior-quality fabric making, alongside with Voigt’s distinctive designs and a new technology that Infinity has developed. This new technology entails the Save The Water initiative – An eco-conscious program that Voigt is currently passionate about. Using less water and chemicals to produce textiles, but instead reverting back to the original root of human invention by taking natural protein as dyes for staining fabric. This process has been revised with modern technology that Voigt is taking pride of. “It’s the quality and story, that’s what makes this (Infinity) sells” said Voigt. “The challenge is doing the right thing at the right moment” he added. Personally, the Save The Water project is promptly living-in-time with the growing popularity of the eco-conscious concept and sustainable fashion movement.

As for this upcoming season, Voigt said his next collection would take us a tour into the Art Deco universe, visually capturing audience with bold colors and organic motifs. The first-ever Infinity collection for women is also underway – Until then, we’ll just have to patiently wait.

You can also read my Chinese version of this article about Infinity on Elite Gen Magazine~

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hullabaloo 2015

Honens 2nd Annual Hullabaloo Party
(photos by: Binzento)
Honens, a Calgary-based non-profit organization that supports, searches and develops talented international pianists hosted their 2nd annual fundraiser party Hullabaloo inside Telus Spark Science Centre this past weekend.  The organization launches the careers of young concert pianists, or what they describe the ‘Complete Pianists’, through the Honens International Piano Competition.

The Hullabaloo event is one of its kinds, expanding Honens’ musical realm to outreaching the local community and celebrate the diverse cultures we have in Calgary. It also engages with the next generation of professionals, and focuses on bringing awareness of Honens’ prestigious international presence back to its hometown.

My team Vinegar Designs Lab felt honored to be a part of promoting the Hullabaloo event this year. We’d produced four promotional videos for this event, hoping to recruit even more young audiences to get to know better about the Honens organization.

This year’s theme was inspired by ‘1973 gritty-underground New York City’. The venue was stationed with well-recognized ‘districts’ of New York, such as the Meat Packing District, Garment District etc…

A successful event, Hullabaloo brought together some of the most exciting local restaurants to participate the party. We all got a chance to sample really delicious and creative culinary art.

The party wouldn’t go without music of course – the general admission audience got to experience the performance of Lou Reed’s ‘Transformer’ album by Jim Bryson, Kellylee Evans, Lee Harvey Osmand, and the special appearance of 2014 Honens ProAm winner Thomas Au. If you were an early VIP guest, there was music of Philip Glass and Steve Reich and performance by pianist Dmitry Nesterov, Kenna Burima interview of Rolling Stone Magazine critic and author Will Hermes, and live auction.

We all had a great time that evening, and thank you Honens for having us at the Hullabaloo. The 2015 Festival & Piano Competition will be happening on September 3rd to 12th – Make sure to check it out, as their tickets are on sale now

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