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Binzento's Journal - A Conversation With Roy Schwalbach, The Visionary Man Behind Jack Studios In New York

 Binzento's Journal
A Conversation With Roy Schwalbach, The Visionary Man Behind Jack Studios In New York
(photos: Jack Studios)
To name one of the most spectacular studios of New York, the first, and perhaps the only studio that came to mind is the Jack Studios. Located in Chelsea in Manhattan, the Jack Studios has worked with some of the most celebrated talents in the world, from icons such as Patrick Demarchelier, Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart and Whitney Houston to recent rising stars like Kate Upton.  Celebrities would come in-and-out daily at the Jack Studios, where magical things happen - whether if it's shooting a Vogue cover, or filming a hit television series. Its client list is extensive ranging from Victoria's Secret (who has been shooting at Jack's for 15 years) to Marc Jacobs to Saks Fifth Avenue to Dooney and Bourke and Michael Kors - Thanks to Roy Schwalback, the owner of the Jack Studios (named after his chocolate Labrador Retriever) who started it all. I had an honour to speak to this visionary man who has many fascinating stories to tell, and who inspired me that true success often requires taking risks.

Developing the Jack Studios in Chelsea, Manhattan during the mid-90's was definitely a bold move. Schwalbach said he did think it was risky at first knowing that Chelsea was a sketchy neighborhood at the time where the streets were flooded with hookers, drug dealers and people selling firearms. But when he toured the Starrett-Lehigh building in 1995 and saw the gigantic windows, 360 degree views of the Hudson river, downtown, midtown and uptown Manhattan, and the influx of daylight sweeping through the space, he knew that he had the makings of one of the top photography and video studio spaces in the country. It was an opportunity he couldn't refuse, as he saw the need of a top-notch studio space in New York and from his experience as an actor and photography agent. Schwalbach also mentioned a funny story: "My mother was very much into astrology, and when she entered the space she said this place has a special energy" - And his mom was right, every campaign, and every editorial shot at the Jack Studios, the space had brought incredible success. Now the studio is expanded from the original 5,000 sq ft to 55,000 sq ft.

The studio space is opened to photographers and creators for rental, as well as events hosting. Currently the building is full of fashion tenants from Tommy Hilfiger's Corporate Campus to Marchesa's central office to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. What's next at the Jack Studios? Just like it's vast inspiring space it will only get even brighter, as Schwalback hinted some on-going projects in the near future - And we will just have to stay tuned to find out more from him.

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