Monday, April 20, 2015

Binzento's Journal: motionball SHINE Gala 2015

Binzento's Journal
motionball SHINE Gala 2015
 (photos: motionball Gala; Gabriel Knight and SLIVER Photography)

Another year of success - Big congratulation to the 6th annual motionball Gala, an event that fund-raise money for the motionball charity organization, supporting Canada Special Olympics and athletes. This year’s theme “SHINE”, symbolizes the spotlight on success which encouraged guests to wear something shiny to celebrate the bravery, hard work and achievement of our Canadian Special Olympic athletes. ET Canada’s charismatic Rick Campanelli returned as the Gala’s host. Joining also were the founder of the motionball charity Paul Etherington from Toronto, and Calgary motionball Gala director Paul Horton

The sold out SHINE gala held at Flames Central attracted more than 1,000 young professional from Calgary, raising money for the motionball charity. Through the city’s continue support, the organization was able to help more Canadians living with an intellectual disability sign up and register for the programs offered by each Special Olympics Provincial chapter. The evening also consisted of music and dance performances, as well as an interactive LED-lit artistic costumes.

Whatever the current economic downturn may be, it was great to see Calgarians coming out to support a national charity and event such as the motionball – And it doesn’t end here, the next motionball event that will happen in the city is the Marathon Of Sport on May 30th 2015 – “Recruit your family, friends and colleagues to join you on the field for a fun day of athletic competition that sees motionball supporters compete alongside local Special Olympics athletes in a variety of sports & activities including basketball, soccer baseball, flag football and floor hockey.” – Find out more on Marathon Of Sport HERE.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eco Fashion Week Season 9 In Vancity Continues Advocating Sustainable Fashion

Eco Fashion Week Season 9 Vancouver
(photo source: EFW)
Canada’s biggest event that advocates sustainable fashion – Eco Fashion Week (EFW) is renewing the 9th season in Vancouver, from April 19th – 24th 2015. In past seasons, EFW has successfully raised global awareness for social, environmental and economically sustainable practices. Founded by fashion industry expert Myriam Laroche, EFW continues spreading the word the initiative of saving our environment by using the most eco-friendly method to produce fashion.
Myriam Laroche, President and Founder of Eco Fashion Week

The latest installment is bringing in Swedish retail giant H&M, launching the latest season of its Conscious Collection at EFW, and in addition to the continuing support of SAVERS Value Village, hosting the Thrift Chic Challenge & 68 pounds challenge.
 H&M Conscious Collection

 Megan Magdalena Bourne & Dominque Hanke for Thift Chic Challenge by Value Village

On the main runway, designed by renowned architect Michael Green, audience will view collections created by both Canadian and international designers. Other highlights at the EFW includes Zero Textile Waste Forum co-hosted by Metro Vancouver, Fashion Revolution Day co-presented with Vancouver International Film Festival and the Waterfront Kimono Designer Contest. The six day-run fashion event will inspire, educate and promote the concept and business of sustainable fashion, working towards the goal of a better future for our planet.
 film "Traceabe"


For further inquiries, visit EFW HERE, and below is EFW Season 9 line-up and schedule:

Sunday, April 19th - Hosted at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
7:00pm - 9:00pm- British Columbia Launch of H&M Spring 2015 Conscious Exclusive Col- lection

Monday, April 20th - Hosted at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

4:30pm - Doors Open

5:00pm - Preloved Fashion Show
Mine & Yours - |Vancouver
Turnabout Styled by Sarah D’Arcey - | | Vancouver

5:30pm - Value Village Cocktail

7:00pm - Thrift Chic Challenge Presented By Value Village
Stylists: Lucy Yun - | Vancouver Megan-Magdalena Bourne - | Vancouver Dominique Hanke - | Vancouver

8:30pm - The 68 LBS Challenge Presented By Value Village
Designer: Carlie Wong - | Vancouver

Tuesday, April 21st - Hosted at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

4:30pm - Doors Open

5:00pm - First Show
Born Again Vintage - | Houston, Texas Wallis Evera - | Vancouver Lotusland Imports - | Vancouver

6:30pm - Second Show
Evan Ducharme - | Vancouver Passport2Freedom - | Long Beach, California Couture Therapy - | Vancouver

8:00pm - Third Show
Raji Aujla - | British Columbia Murva - | Croatia Tuschimo - | Germany

9:30pm - Finale Show
Jason Matlo - | Vancouver

Wednesday, April22nd- Hosted at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

8:30am - Doors Open

9:00am - 2:00pm - Zero Textile Waste Forum Co-Hosted by Metro Vancouver

The Zero Textile Waste Forum, as part of Metro Vancouver’s Future of the Region Sustainability Dia- logues is the first of its kind and will feature a variety of local and international speakers and brands. Discussion will range from:

• How can we foster an garment and textile industry to build a circular economy, stronger second- hand economy and keep goods in a cradle-to-cradle loop.
• Industry practices that look at innovative ways to reduce waste.
• Consumers play the largest role in creating a zero waste system, so how do we get them involved?


Thursday, April 23rd - Hosted at Hootsuite Media Inc. (5 E 8th Ave, Vancouver)

6:00pm - 8:00pm - Speed Blogging Night - A Private Media Event

Friday, April 24th - Hosted at Vancity Theatre

5:00pm - Doors Open - Fashion Revolution Day co-presented with VIFF Vancity Theatre

VIFF Vancity Theatre is partnering with Eco Fashion Week to present the films TRACEABLE (Cana- da, 2014) and HAND MADE WITH LOVE IN FRANCE (France, 2014). The screening of TRACEABLE will be followed by a panel discussion to focus on Fashion Revolution Day, the concept of “traceabil- ity” (making the supply chain transparent), consumer and corporate responsibility and globalization in the fashion trade.On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution Day is an in- ternational movement to reform factory conditions in the fashion industry, fix the broken supply chain, and encourage responsible consumerism. On this day, everyone is called to wear their clothing in- side out, in order to reconnect fashion lovers with the people who made their clothes and bring about real change.

6.00pm- Screening: TRACEABLE followed by a panel discussion

8.00pm- Reception


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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Binzento's Journal - A Conversation With Roy Schwalbach, The Visionary Man Behind Jack Studios In New York

 Binzento's Journal
A Conversation With Roy Schwalbach, The Visionary Man Behind Jack Studios In New York
(photos: Jack Studios)
To name one of the most spectacular studios of New York, the first, and perhaps the only studio that came to mind is the Jack Studios. Located in Chelsea in Manhattan, the Jack Studios has worked with some of the most celebrated talents in the world, from icons such as Patrick Demarchelier, Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart and Whitney Houston to recent rising stars like Kate Upton.  Celebrities would come in-and-out daily at the Jack Studios, where magical things happen - whether if it's shooting a Vogue cover, or filming a hit television series. Its client list is extensive ranging from Victoria's Secret (who has been shooting at Jack's for 15 years) to Marc Jacobs to Saks Fifth Avenue to Dooney and Bourke and Michael Kors - Thanks to Roy Schwalback, the owner of the Jack Studios (named after his chocolate Labrador Retriever) who started it all. I had an honour to speak to this visionary man who has many fascinating stories to tell, and who inspired me that true success often requires taking risks.

Developing the Jack Studios in Chelsea, Manhattan during the mid-90's was definitely a bold move. Schwalbach said he did think it was risky at first knowing that Chelsea was a sketchy neighborhood at the time where the streets were flooded with hookers, drug dealers and people selling firearms. But when he toured the Starrett-Lehigh building in 1995 and saw the gigantic windows, 360 degree views of the Hudson river, downtown, midtown and uptown Manhattan, and the influx of daylight sweeping through the space, he knew that he had the makings of one of the top photography and video studio spaces in the country. It was an opportunity he couldn't refuse, as he saw the need of a top-notch studio space in New York and from his experience as an actor and photography agent. Schwalbach also mentioned a funny story: "My mother was very much into astrology, and when she entered the space she said this place has a special energy" - And his mom was right, every campaign, and every editorial shot at the Jack Studios, the space had brought incredible success. Now the studio is expanded from the original 5,000 sq ft to 55,000 sq ft.

The studio space is opened to photographers and creators for rental, as well as events hosting. Currently the building is full of fashion tenants from Tommy Hilfiger's Corporate Campus to Marchesa's central office to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. What's next at the Jack Studios? Just like it's vast inspiring space it will only get even brighter, as Schwalback hinted some on-going projects in the near future - And we will just have to stay tuned to find out more from him.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

motionball SHINE Gala 2015 - Putting The Spotlight On Success

motionball SHINE Gala 2015
Putting The Spotlight On Success
The motionball Gala is held across the nation of Canada, which supports the motionball, a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its mission is to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Canada as well as to celebrate the achievements of our Canadian Special Olympic athletes.

2015 Calgary’s edition of motionball Gala will be held on April 10th at Flames Central, with returning host Rick Campanelli (ET Canada), the event is expected to attract more than 1,000 YYC’s young professionals to attend.
ET Canada's Rick Campanelli

This year’s theme, SHINE, signifies the “spotlight on success; never a dull moment", and in essence, “the time to shine” explained Paul Horton, the director of YYC’s motionball Gala. To represent the theme, guests are encouraged to dress in classy formal attire complemented with metallic (gold, silver and/or bronze) accessories.

Similar motionball Gala event is held in other cities in Canada, such as Toronto and Halifax. What makes Calgary’s event special is that the “Calgary crowd is fantastic in taking part in dressing up for the motionball Gala” said Horton “There has always been an opportunity to engage the fashion aspect”. And now this fashion component has become an integral part of the event.

In addition to the mix and mingle with celebrity guests and Special Olympic athletes, the night is filled with entertainments include performances by Division of Sound, ILLFX, live music by DJ Skratch Bastid and DJ Rhyno. Horton said guests will also be amazed by the highly interactive and visually stimulating show the Gala has prepared for them.

Tickets to motionball SHINE Gala 2015 are still available for purchase: Click HERE for more.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Binzento Journal: Binzento x Bonjour HK Product Review - Dr. Schafter Derma Laser Skin Peel

Binzento Journal
Binzento x Bonjour HK Product Review:
Dr. Schafter Derma Laser Skin Peel
It's been a stressful (but satisfying) couple weeks working constantly on-going projects for Vinegar Designs Lab and few other editors. Because of that, I haven't got much time to update my blog as much as I want to. Finally the other day, my managing director Paul told me at the dinner table that he is noticing the dark circles around my eyes are becoming more and more apparent - "HA!" I thought, "There's no need of make-up to pull off that 60's mod look".

To keep myself constantly focused, I've been trying to change my old habits of "not eating on time" or "not eating at all" because I am always being chased by deadlines, and start eating regularly, drink lots of water and exercise almost everyday. Sleeping enough is still a challenge at the moment, though I am still optimistic about adjusting that. And trying to keep my skin 'radiant' on camera and on TV, I needed some extra help.

My brand collaborator Bonjour HK (卓悅) in Hong Kong had recently suggested me of trying the Dr. Schafter Derma Laser Skin Peel. Sounds dangerous, but no, it's actually almost like a peeling mask you put over your face to restore healthy skin. Made in Switzerland, I've been a big fan of Dr. Schafter's products. Skin peel mask treatment is still something "new" to me as a user. Frankly as a guy, I only know facial wash. The Derma Laser Skin Peel product comes in a gel form, once applied to cleaned face I just leave it on for couple minutes then rinse with water. The Derma Laser Skin Peel performs as a deep cleansing agent: exfoliating the dead skin, removing blackheads and pimples. The major ingredients include Bio-Protein Energy and Vitamin C Complex which helps purify, hydrates, refine pores, and anti-oxidization, preserving the most important characteristics skin elasticity and tone.
Binzento x Bonjour HK
Special thanks to Bonjour Cosmetics

Another product that I found useful to tone facial skin is the Dr. Schafter Lipolysis HPC, also available online at Bonjour HK - Currently Hong Kong musician and composer Louis Cheung Kai Chung (張繼聰) is the spokesperson of :)~ 

Dr. Schafter Derma Laser Skin Peel

Key Ingredients:
Bio-Protein Energy; Hyaluronic Acid; Vitamin C Complex; Witch Hazel; Lemon Extract; Fruit Extract; Phospholipids; Glycerin; Larch Extract; Pentylene Glycol; Stearic Acid; Hexylene Glycol

Apply with thin layer of Derma Laser Skin Peel on cleansed and toned skin; massage softly before drying off then rinsing off with water. For the best result, apply Derma Ox' Cellight Mask at least once or twice per week. Suitable for all skin types.
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