Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bella Charity Fashion Show 2015 - Calgary Health Trust x Holt Renfrew Calgary

Bella Charity Fashion Show 2015
Calgary Health Trust x Holt Renfrew Calgary
(photos by: Binzento; words by Binzento)
Bella 2015 was successfully held last night in downtown Holt Renfrew in Calgary. The reinstallment of this high profile charity fashion show was a collaborative project of Calgary Health Trust and Holt Renfrew Calgary. Over 60 models and 120 looks graced the maze-like runway, with pieces from Prada, Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, rag & bone, Gucci, KENZO and many more, we all got a glimpse of what's "trendy" this season at Holt Renfrew. It was beyond my expectation to see the entire luxury department store was transformed into a dynamic 'fashion walk', and I was amazed with the length of the runway - My eyes followed the models as they circled through the main level of the store, then up the escalator to the second level where they made a tour, and then came back down to the main level via the escalator. The escalator idea reminded me Vuitton's SS13 show, if some of you could recall.
Over 700 community leaders and passionate supporters across the city attended Bella. Proceeds generated from ticket sales and auction items were all donated to the "Neonatal Intensive Care Unit” (NICU) at Foothills Medical Centre to support their only in-born Level III Tertiary Care Unit in southern Alberta. Specifically, the money could also benefit the following medical equipments in Foothills Hospital's NICU:

- Giraffe Omnibed hybrid isolettes: Helps reduce the stress to the baby and increase access for staff.
- Cardiac ultrasound unit: Allows staff to take exceptional ultrasound imaging directly to the baby without moving them
- Bedside monitors: Help to provide a coherent picture of patient status
- Neonatal ventillator: State-of-the-art ventilation therapy for the tiniest of patients
- SiPAP non-invasion ventilator: Offers non-invasive positive pressure ventilation
- Therapeutic hypothermia units: Reduces brain damage, and improves an infant's chance of survival
- Heated cots
- Handheld ultrasound
- Medication infusion pumps: Delivers medications, into the babys body in controlled amounts
- Resuscitation units
- Phototherapy lights: Used to treat jaundice
- Donor milk: Access breast milk through donor milk bank, which provides many necessary nutrients for tiny and sick infants when their mother's milk is not available

Calgary Health Trust will need your continue support so that they can continue to provide the best medical health and wellness services for all of us here in Calgary, you can help make a difference by making generous donations to the organization HERE.

**Update** The Bella 2015 charity fashion show had raised more than $500,000 for the NICU! Congratulations!

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