Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Ridiculously Late Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For the Super Duper Last Minute Gifter

The Ridiculously Late Valentine's Day Gift Idea For the Super Duper Last Minute Gifter
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Okay…I didn't think I would write a blog post about Valentine's Day gift suggestion, and frankly I am not a big Valentine's Day gifter. Being sweet to the one you love should be 365 days a year. You shouldn't have to wait until Valentine's Day to do something special together. In fact, when I was in Japan, their version of romantic celebration is during Christmas holiday. Nonetheless, if your significant other is expecting something special from you this year, and you still haven't taken the time to decide, here are four ideas out of my book that hopefully will inspire you.

1. Quality Time Over Anything
It's the thought that counts - Gift the time to your precious. Buy a nice bottle of wine, cook a fancy dinner at home, and spend some quality time together. Always have a back-up plan if you can't cook - Doing take-out order is fine just as long as you set the right mood and atmosphere. A sweet and romantic dinning table is essential. You can check out for some Valentine's Day table setting inspiration. As the evening goes on, the two of you can always make some pop-corn and pop in a movie. Some guys, like myself never feel bored playing video games with the one I love.

2. Pre-book the Perfect Getaway Togehter (but you're paying)
No one said your Valentine's Day surprise can't put a date on it - Set a date where the two of you can travel together. Depends on your budget, book a romantic getaway to Hawaii, Thailand, or somewhere in Europe if you have the money, or simply a road trip to Vancouver Island. The most important thing here is to be able to go on an adventure together (just the two of you) somewhere away from home. The best about it is you can spend the entire Valentine's Day evening to brainstorm activity ideas and make travel plans together over a nice bottle of wine. 

3. Cheesey Mixtape (+ Flowers)
I'd be happy if someone even spend the time to make a mixtape these days, even if it's cheesy. You know deep inside they appreicate it - Get a bouquet of flowers to go along with it for ladies.

4. Gift Subscription Online From
A great idea I learned from the relationship expert Jen Kirsch. The Amazing Clubs  is Canada's #1 gourment gift of the month clubs in Canada. They ship across the country and features 22 different clubs and source products globally. How it works is lets say you gift your sweetheart the "chocolate club", with ~$45 (prices varies with different clubs) a month for a 3 month subscription, they will get a box every month featuring chocolates from hard to reach parts of the world and artisan (things you cannot find in grocery stores).  They also get a newsletter with some beautiful information about where the chocolate is coming from. All the boxes come with stories about their sources. You can also extend club subscription to 6 and 12 months frequencies. It's a lovely and affordable gift idea - For all the club selections, check Amazing Clubs website HERE. You can also find out more in my previous blog post HERE :) :) :) - Place your order online, let your lover know they'll be receiving a surprise at their doorsteps soon~~

Hope these ideas of mine help - WISHING YOU ALL LOVERS out there HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! x

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