Friday, February 6, 2015

The Cyrstal Violin Concert Featuring World-Renowned Violinist Sophie Serafino

 (photos: Sophie Serafino)

One of our dear beautiful friends, the talented Sophie Serafino has recently released two new albums - "Temptress" and "Touch". These albums reveal a new chapter of Serafino's music exploration - given her already a success career in the industry, performing over 500 concerts and to many famous people including Olivia Newton-John and dignitariess of the royal families. In celebration of Serafino's amazing work, the Audi Royal Oak in Calgary will be presenting her debut feature-length concert, The Crystal Violin, in Canada on February 7th 2015. The Crystal Violin concert series will then tour to Edmonton, Toronto and New York in the spring.  

The Crystal Violin is a sequal to Serafino's 2011 popular Australian concert series - The Gold Violin, but is reinvented for the North American audience featuring new music recorded in Canada. 

Serafino will be performing in front of an elegant glistering ice and sparkling crystal backdrop and the audience will be in for some Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern-flare surprise as she plays distinct sounds from the "Temptress" album.

For information and tickets to Sophie Serafino's "The Crystal Violin" concert, visit HERE

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