Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Binzento's Shopping Guide At Holt Renfrew For The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Shopping Guide At Holt Renfrew YYC
The Right Way That Brings You Luck, Health and Prosperity
Whilst everyone was doing a Valentine’s Day gift guide on their blogs, let’s not forget that the goat is stomping its way to a new lunar year – The Chinese New Year begins this coming Wednesday on February 19th.

When I was a kid, I get super excited when Chinese New Year comes, because as a tradition this is the time you leave all the old things behind and start a new. This means buying new clothes, shoes and accessories, aside from receiving red packets with lucky $$$ of course. There is a rule though - The color of choice for fashion will have to be red or gold if you want to get a pat on the shoulder by good karma and have luck be by your side. Chinese New Year is all about being generous to yourself and your family. Below is “what to buy at Holt Renfrew in the Chinese New Year” with my personal star ratings that will hopefully guide you to all the good luck, health and prosperity that you deserve!! GUNG HAY FAT CHOI (good fortune, comes your way) everyone ~xx


Christian Louboutin Nail Polish: Rouge Louboutin – Red finger nails help you grab on tight to your money in the new year ($50)
FAT CHOI level: ** 2/5

Burberry Red Minstead Wool Duffle Coat – Staying warm in the new year is a prerequisite for good health ($1095)
FAT CHOI level: **** 4/5

Zadig Voltaire Arctic Bis Mo – A charming red sweater gives people more reasons to give you bigger red packets ($230)
FAT CHOI level *** 3/5

ALOR Accessories: Rose gold with diamonds and gold cuffs – Brings you fortune elegantly all year round ($1325 & $525 respectively)
FAT CHOI level **** 4/5

Dolce & Gabbana red embroidery dress SS15 – No way this dress won’t get you any attention or luck ($6695)
FAT CHOI level ***** 5/5

LANVIN Coquelicot blazer SS15 – Impress your boyfriend's mother during Sunday morning New Year dim sum ($3495)
FAT CHOI level **** 4/5

Ferragamo Pola open-toe pumps – Office lady footwear, job success elevation ($575)
FAT CHOI level *** 3/5

Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter pumps – RED? GOLD? Need I say more?
FAT CHOI level ****** 6/5
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Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber (Red) – Showing off to everyone how Canadians celebrate Chinese New Year ($595)
FAT CHOI level ****4/5

Thomas Pink red ties – Handsome ties make a guy look smart --- Money in the bag ($140)
FAT CHOI level ** 2/5

Paul Smith red socks – Not all guys want to wear red shoes, try socks instead ($30)
FAT CHOI level *** 3/5

Gucci Dylan red velvet blazer – Sharp and tasteful, abundance in love and fortune ($2050)
FAT CHOI level **** 5/5

Moncler Bi-Colour Ski Sunglasses (red) – Undistracted vision = better focus = increase success rate in any task ($330)
FAT CHOI level *** 3/5

Louis Vuitton Spirit gold fountain pen – Makes writing cheques a lot smoother ($1250)
FAT CHOI level ***** 5/5

Well there you have it – A Binzento guide to shop at Holt Renfrew for the Chinese New Year. Stay tuned for my next post to come for more Chinese New Year shopping ideas and WHAT NOT TO DO!

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