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Binzento's "Seven Gift Ideas for the Seventh Day of the Chinese New Year At The CORE"

The 7th Day of Lunar Chinese New Year
More Gift Ideas From CORE Shopping
 (image: CORE Shopping)

While friends and family back in Hong Kong and China are still enjoying the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, perhaps not many of my folks here in the western part of the world know that the Lunar New Year celebration lasts for 15 days - Beginning of the first day, the new moon, in the lunar calendar and ends on the 15th day, the full moon. 

I will have to admit as a Chinese, we are rather superstitious people. Even if we are 'not' a believer of the tradition, we would still try to do the 'right' things that'll give us good karma, and avoid anything at all cost that results the opposite. Day 7 (February 25th 2015) of the Chinese New Year is particularly important for all of us, because according to the Chinese tradition, the 7th day is the birth of all human beings. We call this day, in English direct translation, the "People's Day", so don't be surprised if someone greets you a "Happy Birthday" on Wednesday! 

Considering buying a Chinese New Year gift for someone is never too late, especially if its going to be EVERYONE's birthday celebration! If you are going to buy a little something for someone, make sure it has to represents good fortune in the year to come - Red and gold color items are usually safe :-). I've been doing some gifting of my own, making my purchases at YYC's CORE Shopping Centre. Here's Binzento's "Seven Gift Ideas for the Seventh Day of the Chinese New Year At The CORE"

1. Red clutch - found at Banana Republic
Married couples are still handing out lucky money, and for some us receiving them :-) - Give them a little something to hold their cash
2. Pu-erh tea - found at Teavana
We love to drink tea, Pu-erh is one of my favorites - Flavored pu-erh gives it a western-twist
3. Red birthday cards - found at Papyrus
It's the thought that counts - Beautifully designed red 'birthday cards' with your personalized message will brightens anyone's day

4. Red 'tender heart' loop scarf - found at BCBGeneration
I like this one, not too heavy for spring in YYC - Red/gold colors represent fortune

5. Floral kimono - found at H&M
A lucky piece welcoming the new spring after Lunar Year

6. Goat cuff-links - found at Harry Rosen
Everything about this screams Year Of The Goat (Chinese New Year) - It's for that stylishly dapper-male friend that you have 

7. Beauty gift card - found at Sephora
Looking pretty 24/7 - Ladies would appreciate


Okay, thought I need to write this little section to educate people who are not aware of the Chinese New Year tradition. Like I mentioned before, we are superstitious, there are things you should avoid saying or giving during the Chinese New Year as some people believe it's bad luck! Here are three things that you should not buy for someone (or for yourself) on Chinese New Year:

1. Red wallets/money holder
Though red can mean 'good luck' in the Chinese New Year, it can also mean 'blood' and 'disaster' (I know we are complicated people). Avoid buying someone a red wallet, it signifies losing wealth, draining fortune or disastrous finance - Business people are especially sensitive when it comes to this!

2. Clock/watches
This one is hard to explain, but basically in the Cantonese language "giving clock" literally means sending you to death/funeral. I don't need to explain any more why that's bad.

3. Red lingerie/ underwear
Giving red lingerie may sound sexy, however some people believe wearing 'red lingerie' especially at a 'mah-jong' game would give the person next to you bad luck! Your friends would never let you do that now if money is at stake in the game right? :)

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