Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Altaroma's WHITE LIGHT: Italian Satorialism, Art and Design

Altaroma's WHITE LIGHT: Italian Satorialism, Art and Design
(photos by: F. Lattanzi, L. Sorrentino / Luca Sorrentino)
With the previous Altaroma's BLACK CELEBRATION comes the opposing force of a monochrome that reflects all colors of the visible light spectrum - WHITE LIGHT, a recent exhibition held by Altaroma in Rome and curated by my dear talented friend Nunzia Garoffolo (Fashion Beyond Fashion), is a visionary collection of Italian sartorialism, art and design. 
The collection consists of some of the most creative works of demi-couture, ready to wear, accessories, artwork and photography by renowned Italian designers and young emerging talents. Participating Italian fashion and accessories designers, labels and visionaries include Renato Balestra, Galitzine, Sarli, Aquilano Rimondi, Arthur Arbesser, Liborio Capizzi, Mila Schön, Isabella Tonchi, Giulia MaraniFabio Salini, Stephan Hamel, Bea Bongiasca, Mia D’ Arco, Move Roma, Olga Pong, and Herzel de Bach.
Marsèll provided dialogues for a selection contemporary arts that suggest a connecting theme to WHITE LIGHT - Artworks include the geometries by eclectic and visionary Giulio Paolini, coming from the Archive of Rome Ugo Ferranti Gallery - courtesy of Maurizio Faraoni - along with the collages by Marina Paris - courtesy of Rome Galleria Montoro 12 Arte Contemporanea.

To further hightened one's olfactory sense that reminance white, sweet, algid and delicate color, Narcotico”, was featured at the exhibition, with a new scent by romantic and genius aromatorius Meo Fusciuni.
The on-site white installation was the creation of bright architect Francesco Zarbano. The whole WHITE LIGHT experience was accompanied by sounds by musician Filippo Manni, who reinterpreted the famous track by Velvet Underground “White light/White Heat”, and sweet and salted Epicurean delights and wines by the renowned wine house Lini 910

WHITE LIGHT by Altaroma x Nunzia Garoffolo is truly an artistic experience that stimulates the five senses of human nature.

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