Monday, January 26, 2015

ZWAI KWOK Accessories - Bold, Colorful and Whimsical

ZWAI KWOK Accessories
Bold, Colorful and Whimsical
(photos: ZWAI KWOK)

Great accessories pieces can sometimes transform even the simplest look into an iconic fashion statement. Hong Kong-based accessories designer Zwai Kwok exemplifies this idea with his own accessories design brand. 

Originally a graphic designer, then a fashion visual merchandiser for more than ten years, Kwok has a strong sense on how to compliment different shapes and colors. “My passion for designing accessories began when a friend of mine asked me to design for her her wedding accessories, which I used the popular Chinese wedding character "囍" that represents “double happiness” as the main idea. Subsequently, I have been requested by celebrity stylists to design unique pieces for TV actresses” said Kwok. 

Each piece handcrafted by the designer, Kwok’s accessories are all about being bold, colorful and whimsical.  “My inspirations come from all of the lifestyle things that I come in contact with every day” said Kwok. “For example, a gum ball machine or coin machine toys, I would picture how I could create a story out of it, and then tell the story using my accessories. Another example I am working on right now are empty perfume bottles. I would reuse them and turn them into a locket of a necklace”. 

The uniqueness of ZWAI KWOK accessories quickly became one of the most requested items for celebrities on TV spots and magazine editorials in Hong Kong. It’s something that is unconventional in the local market of Hong Kong, suitable for those who does not want to be a part of the over saturated styles governed by large retail businesses. In addition to two locations in Hong Kong, ZWAI KWOK accessories are also sold online to international buyers.

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