Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An All Purpose Formula - The Ciracle Enzyme Foam Cleanser (Binzento x Bonjour HK Review)

The Ciracle Enzyme Foam Cleanser (Bonjour HK)
An All Purpose Formula
Whether I am at a photo shoot, live stage MC or day to day job, finding the proper of facial cleanser is important for me to deep clean the remnants of dirt and make-up, leaving my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Usually, depending on what it is for, I seek various kinds of facial cleansing agents for different purposes. Lately, I was recommended by Bonjour HK to use the Korean brand, Ciracle’s enzyme facial cleanser, which is practically an “All-in-One” product that does everything. 

The Ciracle EnzymeFoam Cleanser contains a pH-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep-cleaning pores, removing old keratin. This pure and gentle foaming formula also has natural enzymes and ultra-pure vitamin C for additional skin soothing benefits. The texture is almost cream or lotion like, but when rub with water it becomes a nice soft foam. 

I’ve been using this Ciracle product for several weeks now, and replaced my old facial cleansers. The effect is evident almost right away – my skin felt smooth and cleaned as soon as I used it. It becomes more simplistic to have a single facial cleanser that I can use daily, or immediately right after a job that requires me applying on make-up. 
Using it is simple:

(1) Pour an amount the size of a thumbnail into the palm, but I usually pair it with a rotor brush from the Dr. Bauer 4D Motion Beauty Care Kit.

(2) Apply foam to your face, massage for about ten seconds.

(3) Rinse with warm water and dry with clean cloth.

The Ciracle Enzyme Cleanser is available on Bonjour HK online (HERE) for $149 HKD for 150 mL volume, roughly $20-25 CAD. Worldwide shipping is available. :-) x

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