Thursday, December 18, 2014

Relationship Expert Jen Kirsch Introduces Gift Idea For This Holiday Season - Amazing Clubs Canada

Relationship Expert Jen Kirsch Introduces Gift Idea For This Holiday Season - Amazing Clubs Canada

 (photos: Amazing Club Canada)
Canada’s sweetest relationship expert Jen Kirsch made a surprise visit in YYC last week. Just in time for this holiday season, I had the opportunity to chat with the Blonde Bronzed Twenty-Something writer about gift-giving etiquette and ideas.
Photo by: Ryan Emberly (photo source)

We are often pressured to buy gifts for anyone we associated with, and sometimes it’s hard to decide what sort of gift would be appropriate for the specific type of relationship we have with the other person. Adding to that, what if you are working on a tight holiday-budget and yet you still hope to give something to the one you care about? Jen suggests first to ask yourself, whom do you want to actually give gifts to? For someone like a boss, who is a mentor and makes more money than you do, perhaps treating them to a nice meal, or a nice cocktail and spend some quality time may be sufficient. Like the old saying – it’s the thought that counts – so sometimes it’s not all about the monetary value. Afterall “time” is a commodity for many of us middle-class workers, and certainly not something money can buy.

Jen also talked about one of the greatest gift-ideas for the holiday season or any special occasion if you like something extra unique and thoughtful - The Amazing Clubs Canada is the no. 1 online gourmet gift service in Canada. Currently it offers 25 different gift clubs including some of my favorites: wine club, cheese club and pasta club. Oh and they even have a breakfast club!
How it works is super simple - sign up and subscribe to the gift clubs that interests you, then select the frequency of delivery, and every last week of each month your loved ones will receive their gourmet delicacies at their door steps!

Jen has previously subscribed to the cheese club. She loves how each month her significant other would receive three different cheeses and everytime it’s a surprise of the types of cheese he receives! All of the artisanal gourmet goods are the best of the best from around the world. You can work within your budget with these clubs, and items are guaranteed fresh and exquisite upon arrival. Club members also have the flexibility to choose the number of times these gifts are delivered. You can now also join the variety club, where each gift package contains samples of various items from different clubs. Ha! If you like wine and cheese like myself, it would be perfect for hosting a monthly wine and cheese gathering with your friends!

For anyone who has a tight schedule to shop for gifts like Jen and myself, the Amazing Clubs Canada is really a smart, heart-warming, genuine and thoughtful gift-giving idea. Apart from being busy this holiday season, Kirsch is also preparing her launch of her new luxury-lifestyle website: Jentrified. “It’s about how to have it all in life with a balance” said Jen. Having been writing on the Blonde Bronzed Twenty-Something for some time now, her readers and fans have grown alongside with her. It is time for her to move on to the next stage in life, continuing to provide her tips & tricks about lifestyle, fashion and relationships with a luxe twist. The website can be accessed via her official page We are all thrilled and excited to see what’s to come!

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