Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good-bye 2014 - A Year-End Celebration With Bloggers of YYC

From left to right: Katie (toques and truffles), Anneke (anneke forbes), Melanie (born lippy), Paul (the youth novels), Ania (ania.b), Sarah (sassi anne), myself (binzento vincente) and Brittany (life, set, sail)

December 31st… the eve before the beginning of a new year, is always a good time to revisit, to remember and to celebrate all the things we have done over the past year. 

Fashion blogger & photographer ania b has recently gathered some of her favourite YYC bloggers for a year-end celebration photo shoot. We often see eachother at events or on social media, but it's a rare moment when we could have fun in photos together. I thought it would be a good time to post this as my last post of 2014 - saying "Thank-you" to all of my fellow colleagues (bloggers) and congratulate each one of them on the success of their blogs: toques and truffles, anneke forbes, born lippy, the youth novels, ania.b, sassi annelife, set, sail, gar&mann:l (not pictured), katrina olson (not pictured), yuppie love (not pictured), styleistas (not pictured), the style guys (not pictured), that is fancy (not pictured), the neat blog (not pictured), convey the moment (not pictured)

(Make sure to check out their blogs if you haven't already!)

People have always asked me how I feel about the blogging community in Calgary. My honest response to their question is: "There are only a few of us in this city, but because we are a small group we help eachother out and we are not afraid to connect with eachother on a personal level".

What I love most about our tight knit group is that we are all different - we all have our own aesthetic and style, and our personalities shine from our blog posts and pictures. Seeing my friend's blog evolve and progressive growth inspire me to continue to do what I enjoy to inspire others. Of course, blog success comes from supporters and readers - Big hugs and thank you to all of my readers who have been supporting me all this time. Happy New Year, and best wishes in 2015!
Special thanks to Tyler Stalman for photographing us!

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