Wednesday, December 31, 2014

eOne and First Take Entertainment to Develop and Produce Canadian Film Dr. Cabbie into Television Series

eOne and First Take Entertainment to Develop and Produce Canadian Film Dr. Cabbie into Television Series
I was so excited when I heard the recent news about the Canadian film Dr. Cabbie will soon be a television series, co-produced by eOne and First Take Entertainment.

The original film was released in theatres on September 19th 2014. While I was invited to pre-screen the movie, I liked it a lot that I wrote a review.

The story is based on an unemployed doctor turned cab driver becomes a local hero when he converts his taxi into a mobile clinic. Dr. Cabbie is the heart-warming journey of a young South Asian doctor who immigrates to Canada with the selfless ambition of healing others, while beginning a new life in the land of opportunity. 

The movie is not one would expect to see over the top offensive joke-lines and Hollywood American Pie-like style gags, but the humor rather comes from sensible characters and events that reflect the reality of our community. The adversity many immigrants face when moving to another country is almost a universal situation even I have experienced. With memorable characters played by a great cast, familiar Canadian settings and a hint of Bollywood musical-style flare, Dr. Cabbie is truly an entertaining film.

The fantastic news of Salman Khan Films’ Dr. Cabbie stays close to my heart personally. During the time while it was still in the talks with eOne creating a television adaptation of the film, I had the opportunity to express my ideas with the producer Ajay Virmani about Dr. Cabbie and how the TV version would connect with a wide-range of audience of different ethnic backgrounds.

“We were thrilled with the tremendous success of DR. CABBIE and are now excited to bring it to the small screen with partners who understand the universality of the material so well,” said Vinay Virmani, Creative Producer, First Take. “We are also delighted that audiences will get to see the film again before the holidays when it’s released on DVD and digital platforms next week.”

“DR. CABBIE is a heartfelt comedy that resonates with so many different audiences around the world. The success of the film was a testament to its great sensibilities and the universal nature of the story,” said John Morayniss, Chief Executive Officer, eOne Television.  “We are looking forward to broadening our partnership with First Take Entertainment and extending the international reach of this audience-favourite. We are putting together a fantastic team and look forward to sitting down with broadcasters early next year.”

I am really looking forward to the TV show in 2015 - The film is now released on DVD across Canada.

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