Monday, November 17, 2014

Mia D'Arco, "Rustic Sophistication" - An Interview

An Interview with Mia D'Arco
(photo source: associated press)
During my last trip in Milano, I was introduced to a new Italian accessories brand Mia D’Arco. Founded in 2013, Mia D’Arco is a fusion of the entrepreneurship of Italian actor Luca Argentero and his wife Myriam Catania and sister-in-law Giulia, who both share deep passion for fashion.

Mia D'Arco - Actor Luca Argentero and Myriam Catania

“Rustic sophistication with a dark and avant-garde twist” – is my first impression when I first saw the Mia D’Arco’s collection. I was drawn by its edgy and complex design each piece possessed. Thanks to the collaborative effort of the brand with lead designers of Dreamonio, made up of two young creative talents Valerio Lupi Cherubini and Gabriele Litta.

All made with love from Italy, Mia D’Arco collection is composed of rings, bracelets, ear cuffs, belts, body chains, belts and handbags made with mixed materials such as bronze galvanic, palladium, semi-precious stones and leather. Exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that highlights fashionably the basic human anatomy. I had the privilege to interview the founders of Mia D’Arco Myriam and Giulia, to tell their stories of how it all began and its vision of the brand.
How did "Mia D'arco" brand begin? What was its vision?

“Mia D'arco orginates from the exigency to spread our aesthetic ideal of women, reaching from our innate passion for fashion,  art and research.  The project remained literally  in an embryonic phase for many years, as we were both so much involved in different projects, film, photography... but  inside our creative spirits were always committed to a common passion, and with this,  Mia D'arco was born.”

How would you describe the asethetic of Mia D'arco?

“Our background was crucial and still is, in the shaping of Mia D'arco, we are constantly inspired by the world we come from,  film , costume design, the stage. Our paradox is the wish to simultaneously anticipate and remember. Mia D'Arco is based on dualism, two women, two sisters, two souls: different but united, duplication that leads to  creation not to rupture, the imaginative part, rebellious and determined that  merges in a more fragile and delicate way; geometric lines and softness, metals and transparency, light, dark...”
What is the inspiration behind the Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection?

“Our first FW 2014-15 Collection is condensed into a capsule collection. The quintessence of Mia D'Arco is her catsuit, an article   that  wraps the body and enhances the model, outlining its silhouette, whilst its uniqueness is determined by jewelry-garments that illuminate parts of the body  accompanied with unusual backpacks and jackets , stylish in their multi-functionality. A combination of fine silk,  velvet cupro and exotic leathers such as stingray and alligator scales created into jewels sprinkled with pieces of precious stones.  The choice of materials and finishes are the prerogative of the brand, opting for the highest quality of Made In Italy.”
What should we look forward to in Spring-Summer 2015 collection?

The spring summer (2015) collection reinforces the identity of Mia D'arc characteristed by completely unique creations. Our accessories have the tendence to follow the contours of the body by wrapping  without destructuring . Jewelry, backpacks and bags with a  look to the future by making the woman always the leading character be the her being feminine : eccentric, sensual yet at the same time always elegant.”

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