Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fashion Calgary Hosts Third Annual Portrait Campaign Gala

Fashion Calgary Hosts Third Annual Portrait Campaign Gala

Coming this Thursday, November 6th at 7:00pm at the Jack Singer Hall Epcor Centre for Performing Arts in Calgary, Fashion Calgary is hosting its third annual Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala 2014.

Like previous sessions, Fashion Calgary will celebrate the Top 25 Cultural Ambassadors of Calgary, who have showed impact on and contributed in promoting the dynamic cultural aspects of this fast growing city.

The campaign also supports the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s Musical Camps for Kids program through both online donations as well as those collected on the night of the event. This music educational program has helped provide families and children in need the opportunity to play music at selected venues around Calgary, ensuring that expression and creativity continue to be fostered in our city.

This year’s 25 Cultural Ambassadors including: Paul Rogalski, Michael Sikorsky, Hayley Wickenheiser, Andrew Mosker, Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Fraser Abbott, Carol Burch, Brienne Glass & Jason Glass, Jocelyn Alice, Jason Mellor, Maria Hoover & Shannon Hoover, Emily Barnett & Bart Habermiller, Jane McCaig, Linda Olsen, Dave Pierce, Donovan Seidle, Katy Bond, Andre Carthen, and Kathy Ireland will be introduced and have their personalized portraits displayed during the event.

Approximately 400 guests are expected to arrive at the event, where they will enjoy food, wine, and live music performances by Jazz artist Allistair Elliot Band, singer/songwriter and cultural ambassador Jocelyn Alice, Latin World Beats Band Los Morenos, and Cowtown Opera Company.

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