Monday, November 10, 2014

CPO x Holt Renfrew Fashion Show and Gala - "Lock Into Paris"

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra x Holt Renfrew Fashion Show and Gala – “Lock Into Paris”
(photos by: Binzento)
I was invited during the late summer to be a part of the committee that helped organize the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s annual fundraiser fashion show. It was such a pleasure in the past three months pitching in and sharing ideas with the rest of the group to create a fashion show that would excite people. This year’s French-inspired theme event, called Lock Into Paris was a unique concept of its kind in any organized charity fashion show. The French style-café set up, the eiffle tower runway, the French poodles, and the Jane Birkin inspired hairstyle on models by the talented Michelle Lazo from Jerome Salon were all a part of it. The Styleista ladies, Phaedra Godchild and Brenna Hardy did a fabulous job pulling the “French look” from Holt Renfrew - Going from casual wear to evening elegance – They were inspirations that suited anyone who wanted to add a French twist to the wardrobe. The Chanel “lock necklace” which was up for the raffle draw was a cute idea that tied nicely with the evening’s theme. How I wished I had won it.

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