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Parkluxe 2014 - A Review

Parkluxe 2014
A Review
(photos: Binzento; Katrina Olson-Mottahed)
Parkluxe 2014 occurred past weekend at the YYC's Opera Tent, Riverwalk Plaza in East Village. Perhaps one of the best Parkluxe shows I’ve seen since the Winter Garden experience in 2011, PARKluxe ’14 has gone back weighing its focus on the runway show itself, rather than the scale size of the event. It’s evident that the team have become more experienced and mature over the years, producing a solid fashion show that is comparable to some of the ones seen in larger cities.

Like the previous year, Parkluxe ’14 again welcomed young fashion designers whom are already familiar to many YYC audience: Caitlin Power, Nicole Campre (Workhall), Laura Siegel and Malorie Urbanovitch, as well as international Canadian designer Paul Hardy who made a surprise appearance, and newcomer to this year’s fashion show, Matthew Gallagher (Maison Matthew Gallagher).

It’s a refreshing touch to have someone like Gallagher at Parkluxe. Not that we don’t like the other designers, but over the years I become accustomed to see the same presenters over and over again – adding Gallagher to the roster has given something new at Parkluxe to look forward to.
Caitlin Power

I was particularly fond with Caitlin Power’s FW collection – a sophisticated approach to present a collection that builds a strong woman character. Inspired by “The Man of Steel”, the use of blue, red, black and white colors and neoprene materials give rise to a futuristic aspect. 
Nicole Campre

Nicole Campre (Workhall) continues her well-known vision of minimalism approach with evident focus on high quality tailor made fabric and silhouettes that are unisex and timeless.

 Laura Siegel

The "mode of a traveler" and inspiration from Easter cultures are displayed in Laura Siegel’s collection. Her pieces are unique that they bring back the basics of handmade textiles combining modern craftsmanship. 
Malorie Urbanovitch

Malorie Urbanovitch reveals modern elegance in her collection with beautiful knitwear and long wool coats. Well-tailored and precise geometric shape designs that are suitable for style-conscious women.

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy showcased an exquisite collection with fur. Beautifully crafted, as we expect no less from him – it’s truly a “luxe” collection. 
Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher’s FW collection plays the modern version of old Victorian era – defining opulence using minimalism approach. Unique silhouette designs crossing over the two timelines of the future and the past.
Artists Dayna Ellen and performance art by Natalie Lauchlan

Parkluxe ’14’s selection of arts by PARK’s Art Director Katrina Olson-Mottahed was particularly amazing. Artist Dayna Ellen’s 8’ cubed hand cut paper room confines beauty, mystery, lost and enchantment. Clearing the path through the paper room, you’ll discover a girl (performance art by Natalie Lauchlan), where she is chained against a tree, and in order to unlock her to freedom the audience must search for the right key among hundreds of scattered keys to unlock her cuffs.

Congratulations to PARK for another year of Parkluxe success. Big props to your continue support of Canadian emerging talents and help shaping the fashion industry of Calgary.

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