Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Optimera For Night and Day

Optimera Night And Day Creams
A Review of the Products (not the business)
 (Optimera photos by: Binzento)
As a fashion writer and creative producer it’s not often I talk about beauty products since I can’t call myself an expert on the subject. Not to be vain however, sometimes keeping a decent appearance is quite important for me especially having to meet clients for the first time, and not wanting to leave a bad first impression. Hence I would still pay close attention to new facial products, always look for the latest state-of-the-art skincare for myself.

Recently I received one of Nerium’s latest products called Optimera Night and Day Creams, which is now available across Canada as of summer 2014. Testing new products can be risky given if you have sensitive skin. Apart from previous experience with other skincare products, Optimera Night and Day Creams are relatively more delicate, and the best of all they are not scented. Before I get into my little review on the product, here’s some facts about the Optimera creams:
Optimera Night and Day Creams include patent-pending SAL-14 extract, the only skincare products out there containing this patent-pending ingredient, produced with a cutting-edge plant cell duplication technology. Though not entirely sure what the molecular mechanisms the extract pertains, SAL-14 is a mixture of bio-botanical products including organically harvested Bidens Pilosa (Spanish Needles for lesser fancy words) from Brazil. In Chinese medicine, Bidens Pilosa is often used in “remedy soup” and it’s said to have functions treating hormonal imbalance, and may be beneficial to individuals with liver problems and diabetes (For further read - Original research article: Hsu YJ et al (2009) in J Ethnopharmacol. Titled: Anti-hyperglycemic effects and mechanism of Bidens pilosa water extract).

The Optimera line is formulated without parabens, gluten, propylene, glycol, sulfates, DEA or synthetic colours, which is an advantage for users with sensitive skin, and is said to be suitable for all skin types. The Day Cream contains additional moisturizing agents to keep skin a long lasting softness feel throughout the day.

From the result of their clinical trials, Optimera found that 93% of their participants had improvement on physical appearance of wrinkles and 97% of the participants seen improvement in their skin radiance. Additional results include reduced skin discoloration and uneven skin texture, and aging skin.

Here’s my experience with Optimera Day and Night Creams after using it for seven days – I do feel an immediate difference with the texture of my skin after applying the Day Cream for the first time. The cream was quite delicate and soft. I do feel my skin hydrated nicely and smooth for a large portion of the day.

The texture of the night cream was quite similar, except the skin felt more tightened. None-the-less, it helped maintain moisture of the skin throughout the night and waking up feeling smooth and fresh.

With the dry weather in Calgary, typically any sort of moisturizing products would help reduced skin cracking or forming fine lines appearance. Hence Optimera would also perform this same function. Beyond that, I did feel the texture of skin became more fined and even after seven days. Most importantly, it did not give me an allergic reaction or any irritation.

For best result, personally, I will wash my face with a facial cleanser then towel dries the skin by gently dapping the face. Pump approximately 4-5 droplets of the Optimera Day (or Night) cream, rub it evenly in my palms and applied a thin layer over my face and neck. Similar amount can be used on elbows, arms, knees and areas where I see dry skin. A second layer is applied if skin becomes dry again throughout the day.

Overall, I liked the cream and it worked for me - but then again, every skin type is different so I suggest to test it first before using it daily.
The Optimera Night Cream is retailed at $125, and the Night and Day Creams pack is $188. They are both currently available in Canada.


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