Friday, September 12, 2014

Zoogala 2014 Animal Inspired Fashion Design Competition

Zoogala 2014
"Roaming Among The Wild" Fashion Design Competition
The leopard frog; The Swift fox; The whooping crane
(Promo photos by: Ateliê Coquille Photography, with make up by Douglas Cressman and hair by Sandra Cross; Event photos by: Binzento)
Calgary Zoo’s annual fundraiser, Zoogala, has always been an exciting event. This year's was extra special given the gala was canceled in 2013 due to the devastating flood which caused tremendous damage to the zoo. Now fully restored, Zoogala 2014 is back stronger, celebrating the “rebirth” of the Calgary Zoo.

Leopard frong dress by Kyle Nylund

Added to this year's Zoogala, was a fashion show component comprised of talented Alberta-based emerging designers. Their task was to create a costume-like fashion piece that resembles one of three pre-selected endangered animal of Alberta: the leopard frog, the swift fox and the whooping crane. The final five best designs (by designers: Kyle Nylund, Buki Bunkole, Ravi Gill, Kira Sams and Maria Orduz Pinto) were entered in the final round, and were presented at the Zoogala.
 Leopard frog dress by Buki Bunkole

Swift fox dress by Kira Sams

I was honor to be asked as one of the judges to decide the winner of the evening. All five emerging designers have their own unique aesthetic and idea to approach creating a fashion piece that best represents the animal. The inspiration that they gained from learning the biology of the species, along with creativity, transformed the spirit of wildlife into elegant silhouettes, worn by beautiful models.

After some tough decisions, the winner of this year’s Zoogala fashion design contest goes to Maria Orduz Pinto, who created her piece based on the swift fox. The utilization of multiple modern techniques including three-dimensional drafting was truly something special.
 Whooping crane dress by Ravi Gill

Swift fox dress by Maria Orduz Pinto

Major props to all the participated designers – they’ve shown us some great talents that make Alberta proud.  Also a huge congratulation to Ateliê Coquille Photography, who recently moved to Calgary from Brazil. The promotional photo shoot of the designers’ work was amazing. Last but not least, big thanks to Sabrina May PR for the invitation to be a part of something worth celebrating for.


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